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Braille & Talking Book Program | Newsletters | Spring 2015

Prairie Trails Newsletter Header

Volume 10, Issue 1 | Spring 2015
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Inside this issue:

Director Notes

The Assistant State Librarian, Colleen Kirby, retired March 6. She has been with the Braille and Talking Book Program for the past five years. Colleen has helped build the program to what it is today. She will be missed. We wish her well on her retirement.

Greetings, everyone. My name is Dorothy Liegl and I am the new Interim Director. I have a long history with the South Dakota State Library and am excited to be back after a short retirement.

One of the things I like most of all is reading. I read many genres but a real favorite genre is books based on real events. Lately, there has been a trend toward making movies based on these books. In an article found starting on page 15 of this newsletter, the editor suggests several titles that are available in both digital and descriptive DVD format.

I would like to suggest some made-into-movie titles that the Braille & Talking Book Program has in digital format only. If you want the "whole" story, you need to read the book.

BOOK COVER: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Unbroken: a World War II story of survival, resilience, and redemption
Laura Hillenbrand

Biography of a Olympic runner and World War II bombardier who survived a plne crash and forty-seven days adrift at sea only to become a POW in Japan.



Lone Survivor: the eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10
Marcus Luttrell

U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell recounts the 2005 maneuver he led against Al Qaeda operations along Afghanistan's border with Pakistan. Luttrell details the loss of his three comrades and his own escape, capture and rescue.



Monuments Men: Allied heros, Nazi thieves, and the greatest treasure hunt in history
Robert M. Edsel

The book portrays the WWII special army unit -composed of architects, museum directors, curators, and archivists -formed in 1943 to recover cultural treasures that had been plundered by the Nazis.



Argo: how the CIA and Hollywood pulled off the most audacious rescue in history
Antonio J. Mendez

Former CIA officer Mendez recounts the rescue of six Americans who escaped from the U.S. embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979, when it was overrun by militants.



The Hobbit, or, There and back again
J.R.R. Tolkein

The wandering wizard Gandalf recruits Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, to be the fourteenth member of an expedition. Hobbits prefer comforts to adventure, but Bilbo joins the quest and encounters many perils.



The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee
Marja Mills

Journalist Mills describes becoming friends with author Harper Lee. This book provides insight into Lee's reclusiveness and reluctance about writing another novel. This hasn't been made into a movie yet but it is the story of the life of Harper Lee, the author of "To Kill a Mockingbird." An excellent read -even my 14 year old granddaughter liked it.


Keep reading!

Dorothy Liegl
Director of Braille and Talking Book Program

Are you unsure of what machine needs to be returned?

We have had several readers call on returning the cassette machine.

If your machine is black and talks when you press the buttons you have our current player. The digital machine uses talking books that come in a blue container. Do not return this machine.

If you have a large yellow machine that you received prior to 2009 and the buttons do not talk, it needs to be returned. This machine uses books that come in a thicker green container.

If you are unsure on what machine needs to be returned please call your Reader Advisor at 1-800-423-6665.

Tips for better service

Inside the machine box you will find a form to complete if you return your machine. Checking why it is being returned will help us determine what we need to do.

Do you need a replacement machine or does your service need to be stopped? You may also want to call your Reader Advisor and let her know in advance why the machine is being returned. It will help us serve you better.

If your machine is acting up, please don't hesitate to call and we will troubleshoot the problem and resolve it if we can. It is normal for your player not to hold as much charge time as it did when you first received it. The National Library Service considers at or above 12 hours a good charge time.

April is National Poetry Month

This April, tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and poets will celebrate National Poetry Month, marking poetry's important place in our culture and our lives. You can join in the celebration with poetry from the collections of the South Dakota Braille & Talking Book Program.

Check out poetry from the classic poets like Robert Burns, DB072103 or DB070443; Edgar Allen Poe, DB069751; and, Robert Frost, DB067466. Still remember the 70's? Check out Lawrence Ferlinghetti, DB064517 or Rod McKuen, DB019498.

On a more modern note, try poetry by Ted Kooser -America's Poet Laureate, DB060382. Ted Kooser is from Nebraska and is a frequent presenter at the South Dakota Festival of the Book. Maya Angelou, DB028181 is another good choice.

If you are feeling a little bit silly, check out America's favorite cowboy poet, Baxter Black. "Horseshoes, Cowsocks & Duckfeet", DB056531 and "Hey Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?" DB042742 are personal favorites. Baxter Black is a retired veterinarian with a quirky outlook on rural life. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We also have poetry books in our South Dakota collection. These titles were suggested by Mike Smith of our staff.


Rah, Rah Radishes
April Pulley Sayre

Rah, rah, radishes, red and white! Carrots are calling. Take a bite! Oh boy, bok choy, Brussels sprout. Broccoli! Cauliflower! Shout it out! Know any kids who don't like vegetables? For grades 3-6.



Rhyming on Rushmore
Jodi Holley Latza

Discover the many people, places, things, activities and natural resources that make Mount Rushmore National Memorial special. Through fun rhymes, author Jodi Holley Latza and photographer Greg Latza bring the memorial alive to children and adults. For grades 4-7.



President's Stuck in the Bathbub
Susan Katz

Playful political poems about the penchants and peccadilloes of the presidents! The lives of the presidents are served up as fact-filled and fanciful poems that will make you laugh, cringe, and gasp. For grades 3-6.



A is For Musk Ox
Erin Cabatingan and Matthew Myers

Musk Ox, our rambunctious anti-hero, literally chews through the cover of this anarchic alphabet book. Having eaten the apple that A was supposed to be for, he blithely inserts himself claiming A is for Musk Ox-because musk oxen are Awesome and live in the Arctic, which includes Alaska! Zebra, his nemesis, is less than thrilled. For grades K-3.



Cowboys: Voices of the Western Wind
David L. Harrison

David L. Harrison has created a cast of tough-as-leather cowboys who speak their minds in twenty-two entertaining poems from roundup on a ranch in Texas to the one-thousand-mile trek to market in Abilene, Kansas, where they finally let loose. For grades K-3.


Talking Prescription Labels

Are you unable to read your prescription bottles? A helpful device is now available at the following pharmacies.

Three national pharmacy chains in the United States are now offer talking prescription information for blind customers: Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. All three companies worked on their talking prescription programs with the American Council of the Blind (ACB) and ACB affiliates. The American Foundation for the Blind was involved with the CVS and Walmart negotiations.

Walmart offers Scriptalk talking labels from Envision America. Envision America provides the ScripTalk reader free of charge to Walmart pharmacy customers. ScripTalk talking labels are available through Walmart's mail order pharmacy and at a limited number of Walmart stores. You can contact the Walmart mail order pharmacy by calling toll-free to 1-888-227-3403. For questions about ScripTalk and other Envision America products and services contact the company toll-free at 1 -855-773-2579.

CVS provides ScripTalk talking labels through mail order to customers across the United States. Blind pharmacy customers can call 1-888-861-4363 to order their prescription medications with the ScripTalk labels. CVS is also providing prescription information in large print. Envision America is providing the ScripTalk reader free of charge to pharmacy customers. Envision America can be reached toll-free at 1-853-773-2579.

In June, Walgreens announced it is providing talking pill bottles free of charge to Walgreens pharmacy customers with visual impairments. A new device will be provided with each prescription and prescription refill. The devices are available at every Walgreens store in the United States and through mail order. The device was developed by Walgreens and adheres to any prescription container. Pharmacy staff records the prescription information and the customer can play it back with the press of a button. Staff has been trained to allow customers to listen to the recording in the store to ensure the recording is clear and understandable. Walgreens also offers large print prescription information. Customers can reach Walgreens at 1-800-925-4744, extension 4.

From Law Office of Lainey Feingold, Disability Rights Legal Advocacy

Books that have been made into movies

The Braille & Talking Book Program has the following books and the movies in our collection. The books are checked out for a period of six weeks and the videos are checked out for two weeks. You are limited to two DVD's at one time. If you would like to order a video or book please call your Reader Advisor.

DB -digital book
DVD -descriptive video


Dear John
Nicholas Sparks

After years of drifting, John Tyree, who was raised by a father with Asperger's syndrome, joins the army. While on leave he meets Savannah Curtis, a special-education major. The two fall in love, but their relationship changes when John reenlists after 9/11. Bestseller. 2006.

DB065315 | DVD00131


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Seth Grahame-Smith

A store clerk in the remote town of Rhinebeck, New York, is given the long-lost journal of Abraham Lincoln with instructions to write a manuscript. But the new volume narrates Lincoln's previously unknown path in life, as one of the greatest vampire hunters. Bestseller. 2010.

DB070658 | DVD00107

Eat, Pray, Love
Elizabeth Gilbert

Successful young author, recently divorced, seeks distraction and solace during a year of travel. She describes finding culinary pleasure in civilized Italy, ascetic meditation on an ashram in India, and a love affair in Bali. 2005.

DB061789 | DVD00139


The Book Thief
Markus Zusak

Death narrates the tale of nine-year-old Liesel from 1939 to 1943 in Nazi Germany. Liesel copes with a foster family, air raids, her friend Rudy, and a hidden Jew, sustained by the books she steals. For senior high and older readers. 2006.

DB062431 | DVD00248


William Nack

Account of Secretariat, the "horse of the century," who won the 1973 Triple Crown-the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes races. Bestseller. 1975.

DB071943 | DVD00226


The Help
Kathryn Stockett

Jackson, Mississippi; 1962 -1964. College grad and fledgling writer Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan searches for a book-worthy project. At the urging of an editor, Skeeter interviews African American maids Aibileen and Minny about their relationships with their employers. Violating integration laws, the three women question their lives. 2009.

DB068889 | DVD00261


War Horse
Michael Morpurgo

Joey, a horse, recalls his experiences growing up on an English farm, his struggle for survival when sold to the cavalry during World War I, and his reunion with Albert, his beloved master. 1982. For grades 5-8.

DB072156 | DVD00304


We Bought a Zoo
Benjamin Mee

English journalist relates his extended family's 2005 purchase of a rundown zoo that housed more than two hundred wild animals. He discusses his mother, siblings, and two children assisting in the restoration of the animal sanctuary as his wife suffered from the reoccurrence of a brain tumor. 2008.

DB076707 | DVD00305


The Lorax
Dr. Seuss

Once, when the grass was still green, and the pond was still wet, and the clouds were still clean, Swomee-Swans, Brown Bar-Ba-Loots, and Humming-Fish lived happily among the Truffula Trees. The Once-Ler settled in this beautiful place and discovered that he could make Thneeds, which sold quite handsomely, from the Truffula Trees. Overcome by greed, he did not heed the warning of the Lorax. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 1971.

DB031231 | DVD00269


The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick

Orphaned Hugo survives inside a train station's walls, keeping the clocks running and stealing food and toys. His secrets-including a notebook of drawings and a mechanical man--are jeopardized when he becomes ensnared with a toy seller and his goddaughter Isabelle. Caldecott Medal 2007. For grades 4-7.

DB066423 | DVD00169

These are just a few of the hundreds of movies that we have. If you would like to receive movies or look at our movie catalog, please call your Reader Advisor.

Memorials and Donations

The generosity of our donors allows the Braille and Talking Book Program to offer expanded services. Tax deductible contributions are greatly appreciated. Each donor will receive a written acknowledgement of their gift.

Gifts received in the past funded the 214 descriptive DVDs that are available for use. Gift funds also help fund the summer reading program offered to children. In the past, specialized equipment has been purchased using gift monies.

Please include the person's name for whom a memorial is made and the name and address of those to be notified of a contribution. You can designate a specific purpose for the gift or allow the Program to choose based on immediate needs. Memorial checks need to be made out to "South Dakota Braille and Talking Book Program". Thank you.

Kids/Teen News

Suggested books for preschoolers to grade 2

Clifford the Big Red Dog book coverA collection of Clifford books have been added to the collection. The stories are about Emily Elizabeth and her big red dog -the biggest, reddest dog on her street-and his name is Clifford. Clifford is so big that when he runs after cars, he catches them in his mouth, and his doghouse is bigger than Emily Elizabeth's. Read about Clifford's adventures in the following books:

Suggested books for grades 3-9

Maximum Ride SeriesJames Patterson is known for his mystery books with characters of Alex Cross and Michael Bennett. He also writes books for teens and young adults. His Maximum Ride series is written for grades 3-9.

Maximum Ride is a series of young adult fantasy novels. The series is centered on the adventures of Maximum "Max" Ride and five other characters after their escape from the lab facility known as The School. Their group is labeled the Flock, reminiscent of the fact that each of the main characters are avian-human hybrids, (they have wings) a result from the Flock's past involvement with The School. These books are for grades 3-9 or older readers.

Series: Maximum Ride Series

Suggested books for grades 5-8 and older readers


"How to Catch a Bogle
Catherine Jinks

In 1870's London, Birdie, a young orphan girl, becomes the apprentice to Alfred the Bogler, who traps monsters suspected of eating children. Commercial audiobook. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2014.



Greenglass House
Kate Milford

At Greenglass House, a smuggler's inn, twelve-year-old Milo, the innkeeper's adopted son, plans to spend his winter holidays relaxing. But soon guests arrive with strange stories about the house. Milo and Meddy, the cook's daughter, investigate. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 2014.



Sons from Afar
Cynthia Voigt

Six years after coming to live with their grandmother, siblings James and Sammy Tillerman go in search of their long-lost father. For grades 5-8 and older readers. 1987.



D.J. MacHale

While on the run from the SYLO team, Tucker, Tori, and Kent are driven directly into another base of the enemy, where they become prisoners and await their fate. Sequel to "Storm" DB078436. Some violence. For grades 6-9 and older readers. 2014.



The Night Gardener
Jonathan Auxier

Irish orphans, fourteen-year-old Molly and ten-year-old Kip, travel to England to work as servants in a crumbling manor house where nothing is quite what it seems to be. Soon the siblings are confronted by a mysterious stranger and secrets of the cursed house. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2014.



The Shadowhand Covenant
Brian Farrey

Twelve-year-old Jaxter Grimjinx finds himself caught in a conspiracy when he is tapped for a mission by the notorious clan of thieves known as the Shadowhands. Sequel to "The Vengekeep Prophecies" DB078231. For grades 4-7 and older readers. 2013.


"Every Hero Has a Story"

This year's Summer Reading Theme

The Braille and Talking Book Program is offering a summer reading program to all youth ages 0 -21 beginning June 8 and concluding July 17, 2015.

The reader is to document every twenty minutes they read each day. After one week the record sheet will be returned. At the end of the program there will be a drawing in each age division for a grand prize. The number of reading records returned will give you a better chance of winning the grand prize. If you have returned a reading record each week your name will be in the drawing six times.

If you are interested in participating please fill out the registration form registration form in pdf format or call at 1-800-423-6665, option 1 and the number 1 again. We can take the application information over the phone.

The Prairie Trails Newsletter is our means of communication with all patrons of the Braille and Talking Book Program. The Prairie Trails Newsletter is made available on audio on cartridge, and also in braille, in large print, and is posted on our website.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to address, or wish to request this newsletter in an alternative format, please contact the SD Braille and Talking Book Program.

South Dakota Braille & Talking Book Program
800 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501

Email: Email Link to BTB

Phone: 1-800-423-6665

The SD Braille & Talking Book Program does not endorse any service or product listed in this newsletter.

Fall 2018 Prairie Trails Newsletter
Volume 13, Issue 4 | Fall 2018

Articles include "Tips for better service", "NLS updates", "Descriptive videos for the holidays", "Winter reading program", "Holiday closing" and more!

Also available in MP3 download

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