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theater masksThis performer listing was created by the South Dakota State Library as a service to public libraries and other organizations that want to hire quality performers for their children's programs. Inclusion in this listing does not constitute an endorsement or promotion of any individual or group listed. Not all performers work well under all circumstances and with every age group. The South Dakota State Library strongly advises all libraries and organizations to carefully check references before hiring anyone.

Performers, use this form to submit your contact information. This form can also be used to update your previously listed information as well. Please fill it out as completely as possible and your submission will be reviewed by our content committee before inclusion on the website. Thank you!

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Adam Miller — Folksinger, Storyteller, and Autoharp Virtuoso

Adam Miller

Program Description: Adam Miller’s award-winning, multi-cultural, sing-along “Singing Through History” library programs help youngsters develop active listening skills — emphasizing the importance of history as a story well told — and foster a lifelong love of literature, reading, and listening to stories.

Contact: Adam Miller
P.O. Box 951, Drain, Oregon 97435
Email Link facebook page

Further Details: $400 per program, Public Library; Statewide/Nationwide Travel Range; For All Ages
Category: Historical and Native American, Music, Storytelling, Workshops

Anthony Clark, The Singing Storyteller

Anthony Clark

Program Description: The Singing Storyteller, Anthony Clark, combines classic teaching tales with lively original songs and kid-friendly comedy to create fun, unique programs for schools, libraries and festivals.

Contact: 207 Apple Tree Court, Columbia, MO 65203
Email Link

Further Details: $575 for first performance, $225 each additional performance at same event/trip; Statewide Travel; For Preschoolers to School-age children.
Category: Comedy, Music

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Butterfly Puppet Theatre

Butterfly Puppet Theatre

Program Description: Butterfly is “people and puppet” musical entertainment. Leonard Running writes songs and stories to fit with Sue Hey's puppet and stage designs.

Contact: Leonard Running
312 North 40th Street, Rapid City, SD 57702
Email Link

Further Details: $150 for “The Buffalo Show”, $250 for the show and a workshop; Statewide Travel; For All Ages
Category: Music, Puppetry and Ventriloquism, Storytelling, Theater

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Dennis Warner

Dennis Warner

Program Description: An energetic blend of music and humor in a special concert just for kids (age 4-12) and others who like to have fun! Dennis's show is fast-paced, high energy and full of audience participation.

Contact: Tammy Anhalt
P.O. Box 365, Clearwater, MN 55320
Email Link Web Link to Dennis Warner Music Facebook Page

Further Details: Special library/school rate of just $250 if multiple library/school bookings in the area. This is a flat rate with no additional charges for mileage; Statewide/ Nationwide Travel; Requirements include adequate space for audience, an armless chair and a glass of water; For classes Preschool through 5th Grade
Category: Music

Diana Borgum

Program Description: Diana is an old fashioned troubadour who tells stories based on children's literature. She also has fun puppets and songs.

Contact: 4704 West 13th Place, Sioux Falls, SD 57106
Email Link

Further Details: $100/ 45-60 min presentation; Mileage Reimbursement; Statewide Travel; For All Ages
Category: Music, Puppetry and Ventriloquism, Storytelling

Do Re Let's Play

Do Re Let's Play

Program Description: Get ready to dance, sing and clap your hands to “Do Re Let's Play”. Do Re Let's Play mixes the sounds of keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric bass and three part vocals and even some saxophone to create a sound that will cause and the young at heart to get up and grove.

Contact: 7200 W. Harvard Dr. Sioux Falls S.D. 57106
(605) 336-2465;
Email Link link to facebook page

Further Details: $200-$1,000; Travel Range is Within three hours of Sioux Falls; For ages 0-10 years
Category: Music, Storytelling

Duke Otherwise

Duke Otherwise

Program Description: Witty Wordplay, Superb Music, Tap Dancing! With his guitar, tap shoes, and distinct baritone, Duke Otherwise performs a hilarious, charming and interactive musical program for all ages. He writes original songs bursting with clever wordplay and fun ideas relatable to both kids and adults. Stefan Shepherd, NPR's children's music reviewer, says of Duke, "Nifty, brainy lyrics...Highly recommended."

Contact: Noah Riemer
2201 Winnebago St. #2; Madison, WI 53704
Email Link Web Link to Duke Otherwise Facebook Page Web Link to Duke Otherwise You tube Page

Further Details: Statewide and Nationwide Travel; For Preschool and Elementary; School, Library, Outdoor, Indoor;
COST: Fees range from $350-$550;
Category: Dance, Music, Storytelling

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Hanson Shows

Hanson Shows

Program Description: Juggling, Unicycling, Magic, Puppets, Storytelling and loads of fun stuff.

Contact: Christa Hanson
206 N Locust St; Kanawha, Iowa 50447
Email Link Web Link to Hanson Shows Facebook Page Web Link to Hanson Shows You tube Page

Further Details: Statewide Travel, Nationwide; For All Ages; School, Library, Outdoor, Indoor
COST: Mileage, Program Fee;
Category: Balloons, Comedy, Juggling, Magic, Storytelling, Theater, Workshops

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Jim Gill

Jim Gill playing banjo

Program Description: An author and musician, Jim Gill's most recent book, A Soup Opera, received an award from the American Library Association in 2010. Jim Gill is unique in his ability to combine his artistry with advocacy for early literacy development. He shares both at each inspiring and joyous event. The goal is to create an event where adults and children experience the joy of reading together in a playful manner in the hopes they will continue to playfully read together at home.

Contact: Jim Gill
PO Box 2263, Oak Park IL 60303-2263
Email Link Web Link to jim gill music play Facebook Page Web Link to TITLE Twitter Page Web Link to jeff quinn magic You tube Page

Further Details: Nationwide Travel; For All Ages, Preschool, Elementary, Adult
COST: Mileage/Travel Reimbursement; Program Fee
Category: Music, Storytelling, Workshops

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KG & The Ranger

KG and The Ranger

Program Description: Husband and wife duo, specializing in the cowboy songs from the Hollywood cowboys like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, etc. Fun and varied western show which includes rope-tricks, an 8 foot tall cowboy, sing-along cowboy songs and yodeling.

Contact: Karen Gogolick & Rick Roltgen
2517 Waunona Way, Madison WI 53713
Email Link

Further Details: For All Ages
Category: Historical and Native American, Music

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Margi Coxwell

Program Description: Margi Coxwell has been a storyteller for well over 25 years. She tells multicultural stories and sings songs that tell stories from all over the world.

Contact: Margaret J. Coxwell, Ed.D.
202K Old Main, Minot State University
500 University Ave. West, Minot, ND 58707
701-838-6942 (H); 701-858-3125 (W)
Email Link

Further Details: $100/ hour per performance, $400/day for storytelling all day at a school (4.5 hours); Travel Reimbursement; Statewide Travel; For grades Preschool through 6th Grade
Category: Music, Storytelling, Workshops

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Penny & Pals Web Link to Penny and Pals

Penny and Pals

Program Description: Penny & Pals writes, records and performs original, award-winning music. Their concerts literally sweep kids off their feet and feature playful costumed characters and tons of kids-participation.

Contact: Penny Andrist
2810 Edgewood Drive, Fargo, ND 58102-1645
Email Link Web Link to Penny and Pals Facebook Page

Further Details: Prices range from $350 to $1,000 and depend on variables; Travel reimbursement; Statewide Travel; For Ages 2-12
Category: Dance, Music, Theater, Workshops

Phil Baker

Phil Baker

Program Description: Phil Baker takes children on a musical adventure that nurtures the imagination and creativity. Conga, limbo, freeze, swim and do the hug songs are featured.

Contact: P.O. Box 88852, Sioux Falls, SD 57109
Email Link

Further Details: Performances vary in price from $350-$1,000. (Arts Council matching funds may be available); Statewide Travel; For Ages 2-12
Category: Dance, Music

Pint Size Polkas

Adam Miller

Program Description: Participation opportunities abound during Uncle Mike's Pint Size Polkas programs! Your young patrons will be invited to display hats while the audience guesses the corresponding theme-related jobs. The audience will have fun answering age and theme-appropriate trivia questions and will be encouraged to check out books that go with them! Catchy sing-along polka songs and a quick round of "Name that Tune" further complement the program theme, and of course, no one goes home without doing the "Chicken Dance" and a special polka version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes." An optional video segment will even teach your patrons how to do the polka in a minute and a half! Plenty of singing, dancing, and education have been making Uncle Mike's Pint Size Polkas show fun for the whole family at nearly 1,000 libraries in 22 states since 2009!

Contact: Mike Schneider
P.O. Box 126, Clinton, WI 53525
Email Link Web Link to pint size polkas Facebook Page Web Link to pint size polkas youtube Page

Further Details: $250 plus mileage, meals and lodging - Discounts for multiple bookings; Statewide/Nationwide Travel Range; For All Ages
Category: Dance, Music

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Randy's Music Jam

Randy Sauer

Program Description: Singer-Songwriter Randy Sauer’s Library Concert is the kind of high-energy fun and audience participation naturally found in a “live” performance all in the incredible learning environment of the public library. Randy performs with his guitar, ukulele, and fun background tracks that will have the audience dancing, singing, and moving to the music. Randy’s schedule for the summer of 2013 is beginning to fill up and we would love for your library be part of the fun. Randy’s show connects with this year's "Dig Into Reading" theme as he shares original songs like "D.I.G. Dig Into Reading", some familiar favorites and stories that will inspire kids to "dig into" the wonderful adventure of reading.

Contact: Randy Sauer
520 W. 23rd, Hays, KS 67601
Email Link Web Link to Randy's Music Jam Facebook Page Web Link to Randy's Music Jam Twitter Page Web Link to Randy's Music Jam YouTube Page

Further Details: $175 for 60 minute program, Block booking price breaks given; Mileage and lodging expenses; For All Ages
Category: Music

The Real Beal's One Man Band

The Real Beal's One Man Band

Program Description: Jeff sings, plays bass, rhythmm and lead guitar all the while simultaneously stomping out the beat on his custom designed drum set. Nancy's top notch vocals makes this duo an undeniable crowd pleaser. They have drawn crowds of all ages at fairs and festivals throughout the Midwest featuring Country and Rock & Roll hits from the 1950s to the present.

Contact: Jeff Beal
1104 N. 4th St. Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577
Email Link Web Link to The Real Beals One Man Band You tube Page

Further Details: Statewide Travel; For All Ages; Venues include School, Library, Outdoor, Indoor;
COST: Mileage/Travel Reimbursement, Lodging, Program Fee; Discounts for multiple shows in close proximity.
Category: Music

Rita Rae

Rita Rae Sings For Kids

Program Description: Performances include original children's songs and little stories that capture the essence of childhood. Examples of material include: “The Story of Lonesome Bill;” “Sock Sorting Song;” “Lucky Wins A Ducky;” “Birthday Party Song;” “The M&M Song;” “Build Me A House;” “Jungle Song;” “Would You Like Me To Have Lunch? — The Story of Peanut Butter and Jelly;” “The Thing About Ketchup” and “The Creepy Caterpillar.”

Contact: 835 Brown Ave, St. Paul, MN 55107
Email Link Web Link to Rita Rae Sings 4 Kids Facebook Page

Further Details: $125 per concert; Statewide Travel; For Preschool aged children
Category: Music, Storytelling

Rockin' Red Music

Rockin' Red Music

Program Description: Rockin' Red performs a high-energy show filled with upbeat, original children's music. Kids participate in the show through fun dance moves and actions, percussion instruments, dancing scarves and more! Kids of all ages will be entertained by her catchy songs and infectious energy. Live shows performed throughout the Midwest.

Contact: Leslie Dolby
PO Box 572, Tea, SD 57064
(605) 201-3828
Email Link Web Link to Rockin' Red Facebook Page Web Link to Rockin' Red Instagram Page Web Link to Rockin' Red Twitter Page Web Link to Rockin' Red youtube Page

Further Details: $300 per show--discounts for multiple bookings; Mileage/Travel Reimbursement; Travel within the Midwest; Shows can be customized in content and length; For Ages 2-12
Category: Music

The Rockin Rob Show

Rockin Rob Show logo - man with guitar and puppet playing guitar

Program Description: The rockin rob show is a completely interactive & educational musical kids show & rock concert, geared for children ages 2-10 & families, that promotes fun & education, through music & movement.

Contact: Rockin Rob
21232 North Sail Away Dr., Overbrook, KS 66524
Email Link Web Link to Rockin Rob Show Facebook Page

Further Details:Preschool, Elementary; Statewide (South Dakota); School, Library, Outdoor, Indoor;
COST: Lodging and program fee of $300; multiple booking discount available for any additional libraries (surrounding areas) that book same day/same week etc. Requirements include a small performance area and electric outlet.
Category: Comedy, Music, Puppetry & Ventriloquism, Storytelling, Workshops

Rosie Cutrer

Rosie Cutrer

Program Description: Rosie's programs are a lively blend of stories and music (autoharp, banjo and ukulele). Some of her programs include: multicultural tales, spooky and spastic tales, “Happy Feet” tales, and pioneer tales which are appropriate for school age children.

Contact: 6033 SW 38th Street, Topeka, KS 66610
785-271-1982; Email Link

Further Details: $100 for 45 minute program, $165 for one Pioneer Program; Block booking and week long residencies price breaks given; Mileage and lodging expenses; Travel range includes Eastern South Dakota; For All Ages
Category: Historical and Native American, Music, Storytelling

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Swanson Cowboyography

Swanson Cowboyography

Program Description: Cowboyography is the study of all things Cowboy! We do our best to bring to life the lore and lure of the American Cowboy in photos, song, and demonstrations of the equipment Cowboys use.

Contact: Steve & Cassandra Swanson
27424 482nd Avenue, Canton, SD 57013
Email Link Web Link to Cowboyography Facebook group

Further Details: Fee is determined by program desired; Mileage/Travel Reimbursement; Statewide Travel; For All Ages, focusing towards classes Kindergarten through 6th Grade
Category: Historical and Native American, Music, Storytelling

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T. Wilson King Productions

Wilson King Productions

Program Description: T. Wilson King presents the story of An Ostrich Named Emu. Emu likes to be creative, learn new things and play. King uses sing-a-longs, simple activities and illustrations in the program. Children of all ages are engaged, amused, and entertained while they learn valuable life lessons about diversity and acceptance.

Contact: T. Wilson King
605-624-9576, 605-659-6143
Email Link Web Link to T Wilson King Facebook Page

Further Details: $250 per show, discounts for multiple shows, sales tax if applicable, mileage and hotel if needed; Statewide/ Regional Travel; For All Ages
Category: Music

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