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Harry Houdini: The Legend of the World's Greatest Escape Artist

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Henry's Adventure at the Franklin Hotel

Henry's Adventure at the Franklin Hotel by Cartwright, Nancy & Jones, Joanna; Prairie Pasque Nominee 2013-14; Book Cover used with permission from

Cartwright, Nancy & Jones, Joanna

On June 4, 1903, the Franklin Hotel opened to the public with an elaborate reception and ball. What happened the days before the grand inaugural? Ten year old Henry explores the hotel as he runs errands for his father who is the hotel manager. But when Henry drops a key down the elevator shaft, he learns the meaning of responsibility when working in the hotel whose main investor is Mr. Franklin. This exquisite watercolor picture book brings to life the time, manners, and cultural rules of everyday life in the gold boomtown of Deadwood, South Dakota.

Grade Level: 3-5
Publisher: Fenwyn Press

The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale

The Cheshire Cheese Cat:  A Dickens of a Tale  by Deedy, Carmen Agra; Prairie Pasque Nominee 2013-14; Book Cover used with permission from

Deedy, Carmen Agra

Skilley, an alley cat with an embarrassing secret, longs to escape his hard life dodging fishwives brooms and carriage wheels and trade his damp alley for the warmth of the Cheshire Cheese Inn. When he learns that the innkeeper is looking for a new mouser, Skilley comes up with an audacious scheme to install himself in the famous tavern. Once established in the inn, Skilley strikes a bargain with Pip, the intelligent mouse-resident, and his fellow mice. Skilley protects the mice and the mice in turn give to Skilley the delectable Cheshire cheese of the inn. Thus begins a most unlikely alliance and friendship. The cat and mouse design a plan to restore Maldwyn wounded raven and faithful guard in the service of Queen Victoria to his rightful place in The Tower, but first they must contend with a tyrannical cook, a mouse-despising barmaid, and an evil tomcat named Pinch. Will the famous author suffering from serious writer s block who visits the Cheshire Cheese pub each day be able to help?

Grade Level: 3-5
Publisher: Peachtree Publishers, Ltd.

Titanic Sinks!

Titanic Sinks! by Denenberg, Barry; Prairie Pasque Nominee 2013-14; Book Cover used with permission from

Denenberg, Barry

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Barry Denenberg has created a one-of-a-kind, high-concept book that's a unique combination of fiction and nonfiction. He uses a fictional framework to present the true story of the building and launching of the Titanic and to give a "you are there" feeling as the ship goes down. Lavishly designed with authentic period photographs and illustrations throughout, Titanic Sinks! immerses you in the era of the Titanic and reminds you why it's still a cultural touchstone a hundred years after its demise.

Grade Level: 3-5
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

No Ordinary Day

No Ordinary Day by Ellis, Deborah; Prairie Pasque Nominee 2013-14; Book Cover used with permission from

Ellis, Deborah

Even though Valli spends her days picking coal and fighting with her cousins, life in the coal town of Jharia, India, is the only life she knows. The only sight that fills her with terror is the monsters who live on the other side of the train tracks — the lepers. When Valli discovers that that her "aunt" is a stranger who was paid money to take Valli off her own family's hands, she leaves Jharia and begins a series of adventures that takes her to Kolkata, the city of the gods. Valli finds that she really doesn't need much to live and is very resourceful. But a chance encounter with a doctor reveals that she has leprosy. Unable to bear the thought that she is one of the monsters she has always feared, Valli rejects help and begins an uncertain life on the street.

Grade Level: 3-5
Publisher: Groundwood Books

The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart by Fleming, Candace; Prairie Pasque Nominee 2013-14; Book Cover used with permission from

Fleming, Candace

From the acclaimed author of The Great and Only Barnum—as well as The Lincolns, Our Eleanor, and Ben Franklin's Almanac—comes the thrilling story of America's most celebrated flyer, Amelia Earhart. In alternating chapters, Fleming deftly moves readers back and forth between Amelia's life (from childhood up until her last flight) and the exhaustive search for her and her missing plane. With incredible photos, maps, and handwritten notes from Amelia herself—plus informative sidebars tackling everything from the history of flight to what Amelia liked to eat while flying (tomato soup)—this unique nonfiction title is tailor-made for middle graders.

Grade Level: 3-5
Publisher: Random House Children's Books

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Prairie Bud Award Nominees

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