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Research | SD State & Federal Government Publication Depositories | Superseded SD Government Publications

Superseded SD Government Publications

The purpose of the Superseded List is to assist SD government publications depository librarians in disposing of superseded materials. These recommendations may be useful in weeding obsolete, dated or ephemeral documents from shelves, map, microfiche and CD-ROM storage cabinets. The materials listed in this publication may be discarded before the normal 5-year statutory retention period for non-superseded materials, without submitting them on a weeding list for approval.

Unless otherwise noted, all items listed are “keep only latest edition/issue”, meaning that the latest edition or issue of the title needs to be kept. This is used for series issued with some type of regularity.

Caution: All depository librarians should note that this Superseded List does not require that materials be discarded. Do not dispose of any material that might be vital to the collection. Research libraries should be extremely cautious about weeding older editions and other items that are of historical or research value. When keeping superseded materials, it is important to mark them as “superseded” or “not current” because misinformation can be transmitted with outdated publications.

Acknowlegements: The SD State Library thanks Monique Christensen and the staff of the Siouxland Libraries who initiated this project and created the initial listing.

June, 2002

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Classification Number Title


AG 125:F 299/ D 628/ Farmlink Directory
AG 150:SU 76/ Directory South Dakota Conservation District
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AT 130:H 191/ South Dakota Consumer Handbook
AT 130:SE 57/ Senior Citizens Handbook
AT 150:D 63/ SD Criminal Justice Directory
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CC 175 L 44/ South Dakota Codified Laws Chapter 36-20A....[Public Accountant Licensing]
CC 175:R 263/ Annual Register of Certified Public Accountants and Public Accountants
CC 175:R 861/ South Dakota Board of Accountancy Rules
CC 375:W 743/ Wiring Bulletin of South Dakota
CC 400:L 41/ SD Codified Laws Chapter 36-18
CC 400:R 739 Roster... State Commission of Engineering...
CC 475:H 212/ Sexual harassment
CC 500 :In 7/ A Guide to the Division of Insurance and comparative statement
CC 600: L 44 Laws Relating to Nursing Licensure, Practice, etc.
CC 750: R 299/2/ South Dakota Gaming Statistics Monthly Summary Discard when annual cumulation is received.
CC 775: D 628/ Directory...South Dakota Real Estate Commission
CC 775:Ap 37/ SD Real Estate Appraiser Certification Application Information, etc.
CC 775:Ap 58/2 SD Dept. Revenue & Regulation Appraiser Certification Administrative Rules
CC 775:Ed 83/ Educational Provider List for Appraiser Continuing Education
CC 775:Ed 83/2/ Educational Provider List for Appraiser Licensing/Certification
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CH 130:D 149/ F 963/ Directory of Funding and Resources for Assistive Technology in South Dakota
CH 130:F 118/2/ South Dakota Directory of Accredited Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Facilities
CH 255:D 149/ T 25/ Questions and answers about DakotaLink
CH 255:D 631/ SD Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Resource Directory
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EC 150: Ex 75/ South Dakota exporters directory
EC 150:M 319/ South Dakota Manufacturers and Processors Directory
EC 150: P 942/ SD ... products catalog.
SD made : showcase catalog.
SD : a catalog of South Dakota made
SD made : listing of producers...
EC 175:AD 95/ South Dakota Adventure Travel Guide
EC 175:C 154/ South Dakota campground guide
EC 175:D 628/ South Dakota Tourism Directory
EC 175:F 487/ South Dakota Video/Film Directory
EC 175:F 593/3/ yr South Dakota Fishing and Hunting Guide
EC 175:G 798/ year/1 South Dakota: (subtitle varies) Join These Autumn Adventures Close to Home
EC 175:G 798 /year/2 South Dakota: (subtitle varies) We've Got a Fall You Won't Forget
EC 175:H 538/ South Dakota Official State Highway Map
EC 175:In 3/2/ Guide to South Dakota Indian Reservations & Art
EC 175:L 585/4/ yr Lewis and Clark Trail
EC 175:N 474/ Travel News: (subtitle varies) Keep latest month
EC 175:Sn 65/ South Dakota Snowmobile Trails Map
EC 175:V 131/ South Dakota Vacation Guide
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ED 300:Ar 78/2/ Artists in Schools Roster
ED 300:D 627/ South Dakota Arts Directory
ED 300:D 628/ Directory of South Dakota Arts Fairs and Festivals
ED 300:P 943/ Guide to Programs
ED 300:R 299/4/ The Arts
ED 300:T 648/ Touring Arts Roster
ED 350:C 28/ Black Hills State University Academic Catalog
ED 350:C 28/3/ Graduate bulletin ... / Black Hills State University
ED 375:F 21/ Prairie Family Business Directory
ED 375:P 692/ Business Planning Guide
ED 475: C 28/ General catalog / Dakota State University
ED 525: D 642/ South Dakota educational directory
ED 535:At 41/2/ yr SDHSAA Official Handbook/Directory
ED 535:D 628/ yr SDHSAA Directory
ED 535:G 942/ yr SDHSAA General Information Guidebook
ED 535:M 469/ yr/ Newspaper SDHSAA Newspaper Media Policy Manual for State Events
ED 535:M 469/ yr/ Radio SDHSAA Radio Media Policy Manual for State Events
ED 535:M 469/ yr/ Television SDHSAA Television Media Policy Manual for State Events
ED 550: Ex 83/ Extension Extra (various titles/numbers)
ED 550: F 949/ FS series (various titles/numbers)
ED 650: D 628/ Directory of Higher Education
ED 725:C 28/ Book catalogue / The Heritage Store
ED 725: D 628/ South Dakota Historical Organizations
ED 825:D 628/ Library directory : [South Dakota]
ED 875:C 28/ South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Catalog
ED 875:C 29/ SDSM&T Viewbook
ED 875:C 29/4/ SDSM&T [brochure]
ED 950:C 28/ Northern State University Graduate and Undergraduate Catalog
ED 1100:C 28/ Graduate School/ South Dakota State University Bulletin - Graduate Bulletin
ED 1100:C 28/ Undergraduate/ South Dakota State University Bulletin - Undergraduate Bulletin
ED 1100:Se 67/ HM Briggs Library Serials List
ED 1100:Sh 82/ SDSU Showcase
ED 1105:D 628/ South Dakota Certified Seed Grower Directory
ED 1175:In 7/ Instructional Television Catalog of Programs and Services
ED 1175:P 943/ SDPB Magazine (formerly Program Guide)
ED 1200:C 28/ University of South Dakota Undergraduate Catalog
ED 1200:C 28/2/ University of South Dakota Graduate Catalog
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EX 130:R 299/ yr/ mo Quarterly Report South Dakota State Lottery Discard upon receipt of the Annual Report
EX 175:C 172/5/ Self Guided Tour Script of SD State Capitol
EX 250:T 236/ State of South Dakota Telephone Directory
EX 450:B 964/ Surplus Property Listing
EX 600:EM 73/ Employee Handbook
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GA 125:B 63/ South Dakota Boating Regulations
GA 125:C 15/ South Dakota State Parks Campground Maps
GA 125:F 54/ South Dakota Public Fishing Waters
GA 125:F 539/ South Dakota Fishing Handbook
GA 125:H 92/ South Dakota Hunting Handbook
GA 125:H 92/2/ South Dakota Public Hunting Areas
GA 125:H 911/ yr South Dakota Hunting Atlas
GA 125:L 617/AN 86/ Know Your Odds For Getting a License - Resident Antelope Drawing
GA 125:L 617/D 36/ Know Your Odds For Getting a License - Resident East River and West River Deer
GA 125:L 617/D 36/2/ Know Your Odds For Getting a License - Resident West River Deer Drawing
GA 125:L 617/D 36/3/ Know Your Odds For Getting a License - Nonresident West River Deer Drawing
GA 125:L 617/D 36/4/ Know your odds for getting a license - Resident, East River Deer Drawing.
GA 125:R 259/Oa 3/ Lake Oahe Waterfowl Refuges
GA 125:R 259/Sh 24/ Lakes Sharpe and Francis Case, Waterfowl Refuges
GA 125:R 311/ Reserving Campsites in South Dakota Parks
GA 125:W 152/ Walk-In Area Atlas, South Dakota
GA 150:T 188/ Tatanka [Other title: Custer State Park's Tatanka]
GA 225:T 482/ South Dakota Park Times
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JU 125:Un 3/ Unified Judicial System of SD: A Guide to Your Courts
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LB 150:C 18/2/ Careerways
LB 150:C 18/3/ South Dakota Career Wonders
LB 275:IN 2/Aa 11/ Income For Your Retirement Class A
LB 275:IN 2/J 898/ Income For Your Retirement Class B Judicial
LB 275:IN 2/P 96/ Income For Your Retirement Class B Public Safety
LB 275:L 41/ South Dakota Retirement System Codified Laws
LB 275:P 935 A statement of principles and direction for the plan of SDRS Discard if revised
LB 275:Sp 69/2/ Protection For Your Survivors
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LE 125:C 648/ South Dakota codified laws
LE 150:B 497/ House Bills May be discarded upon receipt of the CD-ROM: “Session laws of South Dakota and documents of the ... legislative session” LE 125:D 659/
LE 150:C 749/ House Concurrent Resolutions
LE 150:J 688/ House Joint Resolutions
LE 150:J 826/ House Journals
LE 150:R 312/ House Resolutions
LE 175:B 497/ Senate Bills
LE 175:C 749/ Senate Concurrent Resolutions
LE 175:J 688/ Senate Joint Resolutions
LE 175:J 826/ Senate Journals
LE 175:R 312/ Senate Resolutions
LE 225:Ev 31/ South Dakota Rules of Evidence
LE 225:R 861/ Administrative Rules of South Dakota (various titles/numbers)
LE 325:Ad 65/ Guide to form and style : administrative rules of South Dakota
LE 325:L 524/3/ Historical listing of South Dakota legislators, 1862-
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RE 250: G 942/C768/ Guide to Contractor's Excise Tax
RE 250:G 942/Sa32/ Guide to Sales and Use Tax
RE 250:M 925/ Municipal Tax Information Bulletin
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SA 275:M 319/C 736/ South Dakota Commercial Driver License Manual
SA 275:M 319/D 833/ South Dakota Driver License Manual
SA 275:M 319/M 857/ South Dakota Motorcycle Manual
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SS 125:R 245/ Estate Recovery Program
SS 125:R 245/2/ What You Should Know About Medicaid Liens
SS 200:Su 61/2/ SD Consumer's Guide to Long Term Care Insurance
SS 315:P 27/ Voluntary Paternity Establishment - What You Should Know
SS 315:P 27/2 A Guide for Teen-Age Parents
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ST 125:B 213/ South Dakota .... Ballot Questions
ST 125:C 15/ SD Campaign Finance Reporting Guidelines
ST 125:El 25/ SD Election Code
ST 125:G 286/3/ General Information on SD Elections
ST 125:P 911/ Precinct Manual
ST 125:Su 64/ A Summary of SD State Government
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TD 125:L 113/ Labor Compliance Manual for Contractors
TD 175:C 766/ Status of Road Construction in South Dakota
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