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April 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4

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A Make-‘Em-Think Donation Box

By Jane Healy

Platte Public Library’s check-out desk has a unique feature, a donation box created by a patron. Here’s what the sign says:

  • Every time you check out a book, think of how much that book would cost if you had to buy it…
  • Every time you check out a book, think of the selection we have here in the library…
  • Every time you use the computers in this library to browse a topic or play a game, think of what you saved by not paying for computer services at your home…

…Please consider these things and make a small donation every now and then to keep these services alive at the Platte Public Library!!!

Thank You.

The Platte librarians say the sign and the box bring results.

Platte, advocacy

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