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April 2009, Volume 1, Issue 4

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Clock is Ticking

Have you submitted your completed Public Library Annual Report?

South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest

Statewide library statistics and facts, as of 2008

library development

Public Library Certification/Accreditation Process Changes

The Public Library Certification/Accreditation Standards provide a voluntary certification and accreditation program for South Dakota public libraries and librarians. The purpose of the standards is to encourage the ongoing development of quality library service in South Dakota. In particular, these standards are intended to:

  • Provide a tool to assess the quality of library service
  • Identify areas needing improvement
  • Aid libraries in gaining maximum community support

In June 2008, the South Dakota Library Association Executive Board voted to move the administration of both the Certification and the Accreditation Standards to the South Dakota State Library. If you are interested in applying for certification for yourself, or accreditation for your library, please review the application process. The application forms can be found on the State Library’s webpage.

If you have questions about the Librarian Certification or Library Accreditation process, call the State Library at 800-423-6665.

Online Access Available to Free Trustee Training Resource

The Wyoming State Library has produced an informative, humorous program that can be used to introduce rural library board members to their new responsibilities. “Trustee Trouble: The Misadventures of a New Library Board Member” is a series of 10 segments with Dan, a new library trustee, launching himself into this new role. The video presentations, online at, run from six to 12 minutes and are followed by guided discussion. Two additional sessions are provided by Jim Connor, a trustee trainer. Wyoming recommends viewing one episode per month with your board. The South Dakota State Library also has a DVD cataloged and available for checkout if you would like to preview the entire series before introducing your Board to any of the online sessions.

The Clock is Ticking

This is just a gentle reminder for those of you who have not yet submitted your completed Public Library Annual Report. The clock is ticking and time is running out. On May 29, all public libraries need to have submitted their annual report to the State Library. Thank you for completing the report in a timely manner.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services and the South Dakota State Library use the data from this report in numerous ways. You can see an example of how IMLS uses the annual report data at You can see one example of how the State Library used the 2007 data: pdf download

South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest

Do you ever wish you had statewide library statistics at your fingertips? Do you need library statistics and facts that you can use as talking points with your city council, county commissioners, or legislators? Well now that information is readily available to you in the form of the South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest. You can find the Digest on the State Library’s Web site as a pdf download. The statistics and facts used in the Data Digest come from the Public Library Annual Report that you complete each year. Please take time to read the South Dakota Public Libraries Data Digest. Print it out, and share with others. And thank you for taking the time to complete the public library annual report.

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