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Feburary 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Selby Area Schools Community Library

Finding Time For… Continuing Education

Brenda DeToy, the librarian from the Selby Area Schools Community Library, is a familiar name on the State Library online continuing education opportunities. So far this fall, she has taken multiple electronic resource webinars, plus the self-paced University of North Texas classes such as "Reaching Reluctant Readers." Her days are packed--in addition to her full roster of duties covering the K-12 school library, she also e-mentors two Spanish classes during the school day.

Her enthusiasm for the online continuing education opportunities is contagious "I think these classes are great!!! I don't have to travel, find a sub, plan for a sub, and then submit to our principal what will be going on that day. I can do the classes at my own pace and even repeat them at no expense to me if I feel I missed or forgot information. The bonus for the school district is no added expenses as well. It is a win, win situation."

Here are some tips and tricks she uses to find time in her busy schedule to take advantage of the continuing education opportunities.

How do you find time to take the online classes?
I try and take classes that fit into my schedule. I have even taken them at my home because they are early or later than when I work. I have even taken one on a Saturday morning. Monday and Friday classes work better. I've also eaten lunch while watching a webinar. I've just found times that work for training and try to schedule classes for those times.

What online classes have you taken?
World Book Complete; Learning Express; Heritage Quest; Sirs Researcher; Reaching Reluctant Readers; and Newsbank. I still need to try and get more done.

What do you like best about taking classes online?
I can make it fit my schedule.

What is your biggest challenge in taking the classes?
Making sure that something doesn't change during my day. The webinars are offered more than once, so I can reschedule for another date.

How do you share with others the information you learn in these classes?
I have been trying to find time with the teachers to show them how the resources work. I have also spoken with our superintendent about having some classes set up to do this during a teachers' in-service. I have run off sheets about the new databases and put them in the teachers' individual mail boxes. Hopefully, in 2009 I will be able to start working with the students as well.

You, too, can take advantage of online training opportunities. These are listed in the Continuing Education mailing sent out to the listservs at the beginning of the month OR you can watch the training calendar. Self-paced tutorials and live webinars are available to learn about the State Library provided electronic resources plus other library related topics. Many of the webinars are archived so you can watch them at your convenience.

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