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Feburary 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2

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In Focus

Stacia McGourty

New year, new town, new job! Stacia McGourty started 2009 with a bang by moving to Pierre and joining the State Library as the Digital Librarian.

“A word of advice for anyone planning to move: Don’t do it in winter. Carrying boxes on icy sidewalks isn’t the safest activity.” Fortunately no one suffered any serious injuries.

Moving isn’t new to Stacia; her father was in the army for more than 20 years. She lived in Maryland, New Jersey, and Germany before moving to Sioux Falls in 1992. “Army moves are easy. They provide the van and the manpower. My most dramatic move was right after I graduated from the University of South Dakota. I got a job teaching kindergarten in Bullhead City, Arizona. That move involved packing everything in the back of my car and driving for three days. Sioux Falls to Pierre was relatively painless.”

When moving to a new community, the library is often one of the first stops. “It was really frustrating when we would move while I was in the middle of a book; sometimes the new library wouldn’t have a copy. One book I’ve never been able to find; it would probably help if I could remember the title. I do know that the first chapter was about a family moving into a new house and turning all of their clocks on, and there was a chapter about a little girl picking cherries. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, contact me!”

After leaving Arizona, Stacia decided to move back to Sioux Falls. “I worked as a substitute teacher, a sales associate in a bookstore, and as a telephone service representative in a call center- at one point all at the same time.” After a few years, she cut back to one job in the Quality, Training, and New Hire department at the call center and applied to graduate school. “The call center was supposed to be a temporary job, but I ended up staying for more than six years. I worked as an agent, as a quality coach, and then as a trainer. It was hard to leave.”

Now, she is a student at University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Their distance education program means that Stacia can finish her MLIS while working in South Dakota. “Anyone who says school is easier online is lying. The workload is just as intense as an on campus program- in some ways more so because you don’t have the opportunity for spontaneous interaction with your classmates and professors. I plan to graduate in the next year.” This is her first job in a library.

In the little free time that’s left after work and school, Stacia has been known to pick up a book, a bat, or a bowling ball. Not all at the same time though. “I only tried that once. Did not work out.”

She also enjoys spending time with her family. “Most of my immediate family is in Sioux Falls, so I’ll get to see them often.”

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