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June 2009, Volume 1, Issue 6

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School Libraries

Practical Advice for School Libraries

Dear South Dakota School Librarians,

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act does include school libraries under the education portion of the funding. In fact, the possible use of funds in regard to school libraries is quite broad and could include things like resource materials, facilities, technology and even salaries to hire teacher librarians.

The School Library Journal publishers offered a very practical web cast about school libraries and the ARRA several weeks ago. It is archived at We would encourage every South Dakota school librarian and principal to take a listen. It is very informative and offers a wealth of practical advice. Click on "Stimulate This Library" near the top of the page to access the archived web cast. In fact, if you don’t have a full hour, fast-forward to the last 20 minutes or so. It is very informative.

Several helpful links were included in this Webcast:

And if you are looking for a quick one-page guide to hand to fellow teachers, local school board members, your superintendent or principal, take a look at for a "Stimulating School Libraries". This handy guide on our State Library web site offers possible ways funds could be used to benefit our South Dakota school libraries.

However, most of the funds are already in state and local hands. Decisions and priorities are currently being formed at your local levels. Time is of the essence. No one will advocate for you, no magic wand will twinkle over your school library. There will be no cloud burst of dollars descending on your school library and into your school library budget. Local librarians and those who understand the universal value of 21st century library services must advocate for your communities. The research is plentiful. 21st century school libraries managed and lead by credentialed teacher librarians do impact significantly student achievement levels, result in overall higher reading scores, and integrate well with 21st century content learning skills. For a summary of nation-wide school library research go to Scholastic: School Libraries Work (2008 PDF)

Good luck with your efforts. We here at the State Library are available to help and encourage you. If we can be of any assistance or if we can offer you more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Daria Bossman
Assistant State Librarian
South Dakota State Library
605-773-3131 or 1-800-423-6665


Book: Math Attack

For Review: Terrific Math Read-Aloud

Sometimes, math should be fun, as is the case in the picture book Math Attack written by Joan Norton and illustrated by Krysten Brooker. When a girl’s teacher asks, “What’s seven times ten?” torrents of numbers fly out of the girl’s head and go zipping around the room. They stick to the ceiling; they bounce off the floor. It’s a mess. Sent to the school nurse, the girl is calm again until she utters “seven times ten,” and once again numbers blast from her head and bombard the room, resulting in the nurse’s diagnosis of “a case of arithmetic strain.” The police, a TV crew, and the National Guard arrive to witness the same event until the girl’s brain finally computes the correct answer. Peace reigns—until the teacher asks, “What’s eleven times nine?” The illustrations are collages that combine printed and photographic elements with painted ones. This would make a terrific read-aloud for grades 1-3.

FARRAR, 2009. (97803743486 1 8).


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