PR Pointers

How does your library promote itself?

by Peg Williams, Potter County Library

Our two county newspapers print a weekly library column free of charge.

We don't have money for a "real" website, so we use a free blogsite. We know it leaves a lot to be desired, and we're planning to improve it. In the meantime, we get email questions from people who view it.

Any organization, group, or club in the county who needs a program can count on us.

We dedicate a book in the library for each child born to county residents. We get the parents' permission to use the child's name and then afix a label to the outside front cover of the book that says something like this:

Every birth is a blessing.
This book honors the birth of
Elsa Catherine Schiferl

As they get older, the kids love to find "their" book.

Making Your Mark

Marketing Tip of the Month

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise! Take advantage of "free" advertising. Most small town community newspapers have a community calendar section. Be sure your library's programs and events are posted there regularly. Most local newspapers are always looking for a nice feel-good community interest story. In this day and age of digital photography, take your own pictures and email some of them to the paper. You might be surprised what they use.

But remember when taking photos of people be sure to get and have on file a "release" signature to photograph them.

marketing, Potter County

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