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National Library Week-2009

Dear Colleague,

Believe it or not, spring is nearly here and National Library Week, April 12-18, is fast approaching. For over 50 years, since 1958, libraries and publishers across the United States have set aside a week to promote one of the purest forms of democracy—our local library and the resources public and school libraries freely make available to every person in their community.

This year’s national theme is “Worlds Connect @ Your Library.” Here in South Dakota “South Dakotans Connect @ Our Library.” We connect everyday in person or via the Internet. We connect with each other and the world at large via databases, online books and encyclopedias, chat-rooms, wikis, emails, blogs, and a seemingly endless list of social networking communication tools. As librarians you know your value and the value your staff add to the communities and schools in which you work. You make sense of it all so that the information highway doesn’t come crashing down all around on your patrons and students. Every day you invest in their knowledge and in their individual and personal learning goals.

However, these are challenging times both in South Dakota and across the nation. Funds are limited, budgets are very tight. The South Dakota State Library wants to encourage you, nevertheless, to celebrate our freedoms and our privilege to information, to celebrate life-long learning and the abundant resources we do have. We encourage you to plan special events, host a modest reception to say “thank you” to your supporters and users, have contests, or conduct tours of your library facility. Write an article or publicize your library services, advertise the job searching and resume writing skills of your staff. Be creative! Have fun! In these uncertain economic times, libraries are one of the best places for communities to gather, to learn and to gain new strength and hope. Connect at your local library. Remember, South Dakotans Connect @ our Library!

Best Regards,

Daria Bossman, Asst. State Librarian and the South Dakota State Library Development Team

You might consider previewing the free or inexpensive resources, the ALA National Library Week website offers. It is chocked full of resources, press releases, posters, event ideas and more.

Check it out at:

ALA, National Library Week

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