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Follow These Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque Links

Librarians working on book orders for the coming school year may follow this link to find the 2009-2010 Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque book award contest titles and authors:

Are you curious and receiving questions from students about the number of votes received by each title in the 2008-2009 contest? Clicking these links will provide those numbers: Prairie Bud Votes and Prairie Pasque Votes.

School Library Study Group Update

The School Library Study Group convened for its first meeting on April 28. Discussion centered on the history of the SD school library annual report and what was needed to make the report more useful in gathering data to inform district level decision making. Based on Scholastic’s School Libraries Work 2008 edition, report questions will be created to cover the place, the program, and the professional with a focus on student achievement.

Currently, the group’s timeline includes a conference call meeting on June 30, ongoing editing during July, and a final recommendation submitted to State Librarian Dan Siebersma by Aug. 3. Pending approval, a document will be available for discussion at SDLA’s 2009 conference in the fall. Implementation of the report will begin with training in the winter of 2010. The completion of data will take place in the spring of 2010. Data results will then be made available in a report format for state-wide use in the fall of 2010.

Group members include Bonnie Harrison, Douglas School District; Steve Willard, Belle Fourche School District; Ann Smith, Sioux Falls School District, Kerri Smith, SDLA School Section Chair; Kim Cypher, DOE; Lee Crary, SDSL; Joan Upell, SDSL; Daria Bossman, SDSL.

Please direct any questions or comments to Joan Upell at

For Review: Redefining Literacy 2.0

Are you wondering just what literacy means for schools in the 21st century? In Redefining Literacy 2.0 author David F. Warlick says we need to rethink what it is to be literate in today’s information environment. “Computers and the Internet,” he believes, “will be an essential part of teaching and learning because they are the tools of contemporary literacy.” In this book, he describes the basic skills we must learn and teach children in order to access, process, and communicate information in today’s information landscape. Many chapters end with lists of suggested actions that can be implemented right away by librarians, administrators, parents, and students to make the learning environment become more digital. Clearly written and easily understood step-by-step directions are given for employing Web 2.0 tools such as adding an RSS feed to a blog account. LINWORTH, 2008, second edition. (1-58683-333-2)

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