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As members of the State Library’s Library Development Team visit with practicing librarians, we’re encountering a wealth of unique and cool strategies and techniques worthy of sharing. This column will provide a venue for sharing tips and tricks of our trade with colleagues. We think readers will be as impressed as we are by the ingenuity of South Dakota's librarians and will find these ideas useful. And, if you have a great hint to share before we see you in the field, let us know by e-mailing either Colleen Kirby at Colleen.Kirby@state.sd.us, or Joan Upell at Joan.Upell@state.sd.us.

Student Voters Proclaim "I am a South Dakota Prairie Bud Reader"

Kathleen Siebrasse, librarian at Red Cloud Indian School, Pine Ridge, fashioned a tabletop voting booth by tri-folding a piece of cardboard inside of which she’d posted the covers of the Prairie Bud books her students had read, along with a sample ballot containing those titles. As students voted for their favorite, each received an adhesive label for their shirts proclaiming “I am a South Dakota Prairie Bud Reader.” Once the results were tallied, Kathleen created and displayed in the library a “The Winner Is. . .” banner featuring the title of this year’s local school winner, Mammoths on the Move. What a great method for creating excitement about the books and to introduce those young students to the voting experience—a cross-curricular connection, an area of expertise for school librarians.

Classy Glass Exhibit at Hudson Public Library

If you had walked into the Hudson Public Library recently, you would have seen a bright display of stained and fused glass. The pieces were contributed by 10 local community members who had taken classes in Sioux Falls. Hudson Library Director, Becky VanNoort, was approached with the display idea by a former library board member who had taken these classes. Pieces included window hangings, bowls, plates, candle holders, jewelry (fused glass), and a lamp. One person displayed a huge bowl she made and plans to use as a bathroom sink! Becky advertised on the library's website and in the local newspaper. They also put some of the pieces on display in the library's front window. The display, which ran for about a month, attracted many people to the library. Becky says the library plans to do another glass display because more people are taking classes and several others bought kilns after finishing their classes. They are looking for a display cabinet to make the exhibit more permanent. The next type of exhibit the library is working on is a quilt show, featuring quilts made by community members.

Sanborn Central Library Recycles for Pets

Librarian Jolene Enfield at Sanborn Central School in Forestburg creates a service project for her high school students and recycles the library's old newspapers at the same time. Students shred the old newspapers and then donate them to area pet stores and the Humane Society to be used for bedding for pets.

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