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October 2009, Volume 1, Issue 10

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Brookings Public Library has very good friends

Patrons browse the annual Friends of the Brookings Public Library book sale.

Patrons browse the annual Friends of the Brookings Public Library book sale.

By Elvita Landau, Brookings Public Library Director

A friend is defined by Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as “one attached to another by affection or esteem.” The Brookings Public Library has some very good friends in the Friends of the Brookings Public Library.

Incorporated in 1990 during a budget crisis, this vital organization hit the ground running. It currently has about 100 members. Some are very active; some just pay the dues to support the Library. The Friends of the Library Board has consistently chosen Fundraising, Advocacy, and Volunteerism as its top priorities.

Fundraising is primarily done through the annual used book and magazine sales, receipts from the public copy machine leased for the library by the Friends, the Summer Arts Festival booth, grants from local foundations, the sale of calendars and book bags, and membership dues. FOL have contributed $4,000-$15,000 annually for items selected from the library’s wish list.

A few of the programs sponsored by the Friends in their 19 years of existence include authors Avi, Julene Bair, Don Coldsmith, Kathleen Taylor, and the Minnesota Crime Wave, classical guitarist Peter Fletcher, Eleanor Roosevelt portrayed by Susan Marie Frontczak, and programs related to three national traveling exhibits: the Legends of King Arthur, Go Figure and Frankenstein.

Services funded included refreshments for various library functions, decorating the library for the holiday season, gifts for the library’s volunteers, incentives and supplies for our children’s and adult reading programs, TumbleBooks and TumbleReaders eBooks for children, a movie performance license, and They also purchased numerous library materials and began the library’s DVD collection when city funds were not available.

Friends have served as excellent advocates during the campaign to expand the building in 1997, during numerous budget discussions, and on a statewide level, advocated for funding for SDLN and the State Library. They assisted the library staff with two community and user surveys, both of which reflected the high esteem in which the community holds the library.

I can truly say that the Friends of the Brookings Public Library have enriched and supported the Library and the Brookings community in many ways which is, of course, what friends do.


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