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October 2009, Volume 1, Issue 10

Check your Fall Calendars!

YARP Voting Begins
Oct. 18

Teen Read Week
Oct. 18-24

National Friends of Libraries Week
Oct. 18-24

National Novel Writing Month

National Gaming Day @ your library
Nov. 14

American Education Week
Nov. 15-21

Letters for Literature
Dec. 12 deadline

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Featured e-Resource of the Month

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Children's and YA Services

Call for Ideas for the 2011 Collaborative Summer Library Program: Children, Teens, Adults

Here are the program ideas that have been suggested for the 2001 Collaborative Summer Library Program for children, teens and adults. If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear about them. If you can expand on any of the ideas already mentioned, please do.

Please send all ideas to Jasmine Rockwell at before Nov. 23.


One World—Many Stories (Children)

We are especially interested in your ideas for:

  • School visits and other ways of promoting the program in your community—a skit or puppet show is always welcome
  • Setting the Scene: library decorations, bulletin boards, props, etc.
  • Family literacy and programs
  • Original puppet plays esp. for one or two puppeteers

Chapter 1 Planning

Chapter 2 Promotion

Chapter 3 The Stories We Tell

  • Language and literature from around the world. fairy and folktales across cultures, e.g. Cinderella, tricksters and fools
  • Nursery Rhymes around the world
  • Sayings, phrases in other languages, also animal sounds—how do Germans say “Moo”?
  • Storytellers, singers, or people from other countries to give program
  • Stories set in other countries, translated books

Chapter 4 Off We Go!

  • Travel or destinations
  • Pen Pals
  • Cruise ship
  • Reading Race, different country each week
  • Games, dance from around the world

Chapter 5 How We Live

  • World Bazaar or Fair
  • Traditions
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Homes
  • Different environments

Chapter 6 Art and Dreams

  • Simple stories and crafts from different cultures
  • Art and artists from other cultures
  • Origins of things from other cultures, e.g. paper from China
  • Biographies of people from other places, especially artists, inventors

Chapter 7 Global Citizens

  • Universal themes, values, ideas
  • Immigrants and refugee stories
  • Peace and conflict
  • Children helping children—service projects, e.g. Pennies for Peace
  • Protecting our world


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