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October 2009, Volume 1, Issue 10

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Oct. 18

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Oct. 18-24

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Nov. 14

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Nov. 15-21

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Children's and YA Services

Call for Ideas for the 2011 Collaborative Summer Library Program: Children, Teens, Adults

Here are the program ideas that have been suggested for the 2001 Collaborative Summer Library Program for children, teens and adults. If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear about them. If you can expand on any of the ideas already mentioned, please do.

Please send all ideas to Jasmine Rockwell at before Nov. 23.


You Are Here (Teens)

The chapters are not set yet, but the ideas and concepts suggested at the annual meeting are listed below. In addition, we are interested in

  • Setting the scene-display ideas
  • How you use technology-social networking, tech tools with teens & programming
  • Program ideas for attracting older teens


  • You are here in this stage of life: journals, etc
  • You were there, where in the world, where are you going, where are you… who am I?
  • Rites of passage from other cultures: tattoos, driver’s license, Native American rites of passage, etc.

Service projects

  • What’s your impact? You are here … Now what?
  • Projects helping youth/teens in other countries, devastated by war, etc. e.g. Save the Children
  • Teens Make a Difference: teens give presentation on what they have done/could do

World Cultures

  • Poetry slams from other countries (Where are you going/been?
  • Poetry: haiku, etc. also manga and other Japanese culture
  • Guest speakers: henna tattoos or painting – parental permission form
  • Foreign film series @ your library/movie mysteries from around the world
  • Body, art, masks, etc.
  • Music, instruments, dance troupes
  • Extreme (or regular) Sports around the World, kids connect through sports
  • Books set in other countries or deal with world issues: war, displacement, AIDs,
  • Jewelry making from recycled materials (like in Africa), weaving, baskets
  • Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? software
  • Spices: blind smelling, taste test

For Older Teens

  • Independent travel, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps
  • College study abroad info
  • Local rotary clubs give scholarships, also speakers

Display/Passive Programs

  • Display: map of the world with arrow that moves with the books about that country, throw a dart & contact a person from that place
  • Decorate Tables (?)
  • Trivia: world wide
  • Find a state most unlike your own
  • Mystery photos: famous tourist places or places in community, state or region, e.g. You Are Here, But Where Is This? Or Where Is It?
  • Photos from around the world, kids have to guess.
  • Scavenger hunts, silent hunts
  • Google Earth: use to find places, e.g. Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, Seven Wonders of the World, etc.
  • Human Bingo Card or Bingo Game for teens about travel
  • Geography Twister, latitude and longitude games, international dateline
  • Clothes from around the world


  • Weird postcards, antiques shop, what’s your story
  • Found Poems Project, putting writing on the wall on Facebook account
  • Your carbon footprint: your impact on the world
  • Geo-caching and letterboxing for teens
  • “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” movie and geo-caching


  • Share your summer vacation – 60 sec videos/photos on the Web site Smart phones & GPS application – makes map of where they’ve been
  • Google tracker version does similar


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