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October 2009, Volume 1, Issue 10

Check your Fall Calendars!

YARP Voting Begins
Oct. 18

Teen Read Week
Oct. 18-24

National Friends of Libraries Week
Oct. 18-24

National Novel Writing Month

National Gaming Day @ your library
Nov. 14

American Education Week
Nov. 15-21

Letters for Literature
Dec. 12 deadline

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Featured e-Resource of the Month

WorldCat Expands!

Children's and YA Services

Call for Ideas for the 2011 Collaborative Summer Library Program: Children, Teens, Adults

Here are the program ideas that have been suggested for the 2001 Collaborative Summer Library Program for children, teens and adults. If you have other ideas, we’d love to hear about them. If you can expand on any of the ideas already mentioned, please do.

Please send all ideas to Jasmine Rockwell at before Nov. 23.


Novel Destinations (Adults)

We are especially interested in your ideas for:

  • Underserved populations such as seniors, assisted living and nursing home residents
  • Setting the Scene: library decorations, bulletin boards, props, etc.
  • Family literacy and family programs
If your library has presented any successful programs that fit this theme, please tell us about them. If you think of any other programs, decorations, activities, send them in.

World Cultures

  • Food/recipe database
    • Work with ethnic restaurants—discount with library card, or coupons, or cooking club, or prize for summer reading
  • Cultural dance workshop/yoga
  • Teach courtesy phrases in other languages
  • Humanities Council speakers
  • Kites, 1000 paper cranes, flags, money from other places
  • Foreign Film Festival
  • Mysteries set in other countries
  • Lecture(s) world issues: Iraq, Iran, Palestine, refugees

Adult Education

  • Education fair for adults
  • AARP
  • Saving,
  • e-libraries
  • How to put (vacation) photos on Flickr
  • Vacation Scrapbooking


  • Travel agent travel club members
  • Travelogues
  • Frommer’s Display contest (check Web site)
  • Invite a travel agent
  • Bookstore: travel books, travel literature
  • Travel Tools: GPS, Atlases, Guide Books, Intrepid Traveler: packing light Might be fun to have two suitcases—before and after packing light. Light, lighter, lightest contest?
  • Transferring slides to disc? Process.


  • Book Clubs—encourage communities to choose a book—novel
  • destinations—interesting settings
  • Worldwide Knit in Public Day (June)
  • Genealogy @ family history

Passive Program ideas: trivia, mystery photo, setting of books quiz

Elderly in nursing homes, senior centers:

  • Large print travel books, books on tape?
  • Presentation on immigrants to area, or contributions of immigrants to U.S., Historical Society

Other underserved populations?

Family Literacy Programs?


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