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February 2010
Volume 2, Issue 2

Check Your Calendars!!

One Book South Dakota 2010

SD Public Library Survey
February 1- March 31, 2010

Read Across America Day
March 2, 2010

Teen Tech Week
March 7-13, 2010

Prairie Bud & Prairie Pasque
Voting Deadline: March 15

PLA National Conference
March 23-27, 2010

School Library Media Month 2010
Communities Thrive @ your library
April 1-30, 2010

SD School Library Survey
April 1 - May 31, 2010

National Library Week
Communities Thrive @ your library
April 11-17, 2010

National Library Workers Day
April 13, 2010

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Voting survey is open for Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque

The online voting survey for the Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque awards is now open. If that link doesn’t work for you, use You’ll also find lists of this year’s nominees and templates for bookmarks and posters here.

Voting may be done online only. No paper ballots will be mailed out or accepted. Deadline for voting is March 15. The coordinating teacher or librarian may use a nominee list to record vote tallies received for each title. Each coordinating teacher or librarian will be allowed to vote only once.

Spine labels and award seals are available for purchase from Jim Oliver at Siouxland Libraries at

The 2010/2011 list of nominees is available here.


Library gaming is big success in two South Dakota communities

In Edgemont

By Kelly Marriott, Director, Edgemont Public Library

The Edgemont Public Library held its first gaming day on Nov. 14 to correspond with National Gaming Day. The doors were opened for a three hour event that included Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii video games, as well as many board and card games. A snack table was set up so everyone could eat and drink while playing and conversing. People of all ages attended which made it all the more entertaining and everyone had a great time. The Wii was the most popular for the adults, while the Xbox 360 was the younger generation’s favorite. Chess and cribbage won out in the board/card game section of the event. The library board was so pleased with the concept and attendance that gaming events will now be held throughout the year, as well as on National Gaming Day.

Gaming is for all ages at the Grant County Public Library.

Gaming is for all ages at the Grant County Public Library.

In Milbank

By Jody Carlson, Librarian, Grant County Public Library

The year 2009 was a milestone for Grant County Public Library. It marked 30 years as a county library, as previously it was a Carnegie City Library. As part of the celebration activities held during the month of September a new program was developed. “Literacy thru games @ your library” held its first event on Sept. 19.

When the first National Gaming Day was held in 2008 I thought this could work for our community as I looked at all the kids playing computer games after school. The research started; I read articles, took free online webinars, read our library mission statement, and put together a proposal of goals and events for the library board. Our library was very fortunate that, at the same time I was ready with my proposal, we received a substantial donation from a local business for youth activities. With the library board’s approval and the monetary donation the new program evolved.

Our gaming events take place September through May twice a month. The library is promoting the Second Saturday as Family Game Day from 10:30 to 1:00 and the Third Tuesday from 3:30-6:00 as an Open Game Event. Our goal is to enhance our community’s quality of life by offering this as a social connection, enjoyment and enlightenment by expanding their use of the services offered by the library. During our events we offer the use of a Wii and several board and toss across games, such as Apples to Apples, Carcassonne, Blokus, Lucky Ducks and Rat*a*Tat Cat. The library tries to offer something for the toddlers that come in with their parents as well as something adults would enjoy. We always have one of our library volunteers scheduled during our game events to encourage game participation and to assist with set up and questions.

The 2009 National Gaming Day on Nov. 14 coordinated with our normally scheduled Second Saturday event. Information about this special event was sent to the local schools, newspaper and radio stations. Our library took advantage of the information offered through the American Library Association and registered as a participant which enabled us to receive free games from Hasbro, the Gaming Day sponsor. It was a very successful day with our largest attendance yet for any of our gaming days.

Grant County Public Library enjoys being a part of the gaming phenomena that is ingrained in our culture. Our next promotional step will be to make contact with homeschoolers, organizations and clubs to inform them personally of our “Literacy thru games @ your library.”

Future Summer Reading Program slogan ideas needed

Once again CSLP wants your input on what you'd like to see in the future for summer reading. As you can see, we plan several years in advance. Please take some time to mull these over and send suggestions to Jasmine Rockwell no later than Feb. 25. Remember, CSLP is more than just South Dakota so themes need to be something that would appeal to kids all over the United States.

The general theme for the 2012 CSLP summer reading program is: Night-time. The public should associate the slogan with library and reading. With this in mind, please submit up to five suggestions each for the children’s slogan, the teen slogan and the adult slogan.

In addition, please submit up to five broad-based themes for the CSLP 2013 summer reading program. Keep in mind at this time we are only looking for general themes and not specific slogans for 2013.


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