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June 2010
Volume 2, Issue 6

Continuing Education Alert

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ALA Annual Conference
June 24-29, 2010. Washington D.C.

SDLA BranchOut 2010
July 27, 2010. Augustana, Sioux Falls.

SDLA Annual Conference
September 22-24, 2010. Sioux Falls.

Festival of Books
September 22-24, 2010. Sioux Falls.

Summer Edition of the State Library Electronic Resources Challenge!

SDSL Electronic Resources Challenge: Summer Edition

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Elkton Community Library’s Jumpathon completes 25 years

By Sherry Bauman, Elkton Community Library Director

Jumpathon - Photo by Robin Mulvey, Elkton Record. Used with permission.
Photo by Robin Mulvey, Elkton Record.

The Elkton Community Library just completed a quarter century of its Jumpathon fundraiser. Students in grades one through six collect pledges to go toward library materials. This year 77 students collected $2,700. Being a combined school/community library allows easy access for students to participate.

We do a Jumpathon and HoopShoot to keep the kids busy. They break into groups, some jump and some shoot baskets. Then they switch. The first group goes and gets a snack, and then the rest go for a snack. We used to hold it after school but had a blizzard one year and every make-up day had snow too. We ended up doing it the last hour of school on a Wednesday and have done it that way since.

This year the local Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Chapter (FCCLA) volunteered eight girls to help where needed. They were awesome. They just jumped right in and did whatever. The Library Board helps provide the snacks. This year they baked cookies. We also made trail mix and had bottled water. The water was donated by the local Coca-Cola distributor and most of the ingredients for the trail mix were donated by our local grocery store. I send a thank you to everyone who helps in any way.

Centerville parades books for National Library Week

Centerville Students Dress Up

Centerville: Mrs. Evans The Centerville Community/School Library celebrated National Library Week with a parade in the library. For the book parade students and staff dressed as their favorite author, book, or character. They also gave out bookmarks, coupons to pay fines, pens, and library bags throughout the week to students, teachers and patrons.

Laptops become a listening center at Humboldt

K-5 Humboldt Elementary Library's Reading Lab

Students love the new listening center at the K-5 Humboldt Elementary Library. Librarian Christy Marketon discovered a few extra laptops that were being stored and was able to use them to set up a listening center. Her son donated the sound jacks so that multiple students could listen to a book at the same time. Their chocolate sales money purchased the inexpensive headphones from Dollar General and they were on their way. Christy downloads audiobooks on a regular basis and can have four to eight books going at the same time. She reports, “I am reaching some of my busy, nonreaders this way and finding it another unique concept to our library.”

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