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March 2010
Volume 2, Issue 3

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In Focus:

In Focus: Wynne Nafus Sayer, Information Officer

Wynne enjoying the Seattle view atop the Space Needle, 2007

Wynne (as in you “win” a game) Nafus was born and raised in Pierre. An only child, she vowed to have more than one kid when she grew up, because she was frequently embarrassed by her imaginary friends. It wasn’t that her “friends” did anything embarrassing; it was the mere fact that she had imaginary friends, and was caught quite often talking to them.

A typical 70s/80s Midwest girl, she grew up reading and watching Little House (the first of many literary obsessions), and just HAD to have long hair like Laura. Her favorite teachers are many – Mrs. Keeler (who planted the Little House seeds), Mrs. Boxa (ah, the third grade memories), Mrs. Benesh (who might have been the most feared piano teacher in town, but she was one of the best) and Mr. Hoing (whose high school drafting class instigated “computer-based art”), just to name a few…

After graduating from high school, Wynne focused her self-taught education on anything that fancied her on the computer. She soon became proficient in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat, and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Her first graphics design job was with the local newspaper in the Ad Composition department. There she also became the Web Coordinator and built web pages and sites for clients. Later, she moved on to focusing on creating her own side business, eriwyn production studios, with her computer tech husband, Erik. With this venture, she focused her portion of the business to design work, including billboard and magazine advertising, wedding invitations and programs, and also web design.

Wynne is the Information Officer of the South Dakota State Library. Currently she is designing and coding the new SDSL Web site. As part of the Digital Initiatives team, she also works painstakingly on the Web site which houses state government documents, including some historical papers. This involves creating PDFs from page scans and preparing text files of the documents for digitization and archival purposes. She's proud of several of the design projects she's worked on for the library, including the "Read To Me" Growth Chart posters to the 2008 and 2009 Public Library Data Digest. The Digital Initiatives team is also currently working on their first ContentDM collection.

Wynne is married to Erik, and they have four children: Hayden (8), Maddy (5), Zakery (3), and Jonathan (1). She is trying in vain to get her kids to read/listen to Little House in the Big Woods. Instead, they prefer If You Take a Mouse to the Movies.

Her love of reading not only was based in the Little House on the Prairie books, but stemmed even before – fond memories of always seeing Grandma reading. Her favorite heroines went from Laura Ingalls Wilder to Cathy Dollanganger. And after being completely hooked on Harry Potter, she swore she’d hold off on any more series. That’s probably why she picked up Twilight while traveling in Phoenix on her way home from a family vacation. As of late, she’s busy trying to kick her Sookie Stackhouse addiction.


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