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May 2010
Volume 2, Issue 5

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Kathy Connell, Digital Initiatives Technician

Kathy Connell, Digital Initiatives Technician at the South Dakota State Library

I have lived in South Dakota my entire life - all 50 plus years. I started out in DeSmet where I went to grade school and high school. Yes, I was brought up with the Little House on the Prairie books and the history behind them. It is interesting that when you live in the history you may not pay attention like you should, but that is a different story. After graduation I went to Northwest College of Commerce in Huron and that is where I received my accounting knowledge. Most of my schooling after that was the college of hard knocks, or self taught, however you prefer to call it. I have always wanted to go on to school, but just couldn’t seem to pinpoint exactly what I wanted to be when I grow up and I’m still looking for that.

I have lived in Iroquois, Midland, Vermillion, Gayville, Wessington Springs and Pierre. My family consists of my husband, Craig, my daughter Trista and her husband, Scott and their two boys, Major and Huston, and my son, Evan. Trista and family live in Omaha and Evan lives here in Pierre. We also have two German Shorthairs, Daisy and Loco. My interests are genealogy, drafting, crafting, hunting, fishing and learning, not necessarily in that order.

I have been working for 40 years at various jobs, starting with newspaper delivery at the age of 10; carhop, waitress and hairdresser helper in high school; grocery store clerk, gas station attendant, dishwasher, secretary, dry cleaner attendant, bartender, baker and the list goes on. Some of the more interesting things I have done included helping my husband manage the Bar and Liquor Store in Midland; owning and operating my own flower shop; I did all the accounting for the flower shop, my husband’s insurance business and the five bars we owned along with a video lottery business; I did mapping work for our County Wide Directory business and worked on several 911 mapping projects for some counties in South Dakota; I was the Deputy Register of Deeds in Jerauld County for a short time; and I also did census work 10 years ago.

So how did I end up at the South Dakota State Library? My husband sold his interest in the County Wide Directory and I told him to follow me for a change. My daughter had worked in Pierre for the Department of Tourism and had always told me I would enjoy it here. And, of course, there are the archives (for genealogy purposes) to which I would be closer for research, so I started to apply for work in Pierre. The library hired me for a small claims clerk, which I did for almost five years and then I jumped at the chance to move to the digitization area as that is how all the information a person could want for genealogy gets put online. I scan and process state government documents and publications into digital format to be posted on the Web site. It has been a wonderful nine years and I look forward to many more.


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