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May 2010
Volume 2, Issue 5

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Friends of the Yankton Community Library host second Gourmet Guys Event

Gourmet Guys at the Yankton Community Library

By Kathy Jacobs, Yankton Community Library Director

The Friends of the Yankton Community Library successfully hosted the second annual Gourmet Guys Event to raise money for the Friends who then in turn spend it on bettering the library. It all starts later in the day around the time most people think that the library has gone to sleep for the night. However, one Saturday a year the library stays up late to host local guys who love to cook and feed hungry ticket holders. Five to seven guys are asked to cook one of their favorite recipes to feed a sample size portion, otherwise known as a “tasting,” to approximately 100 ticket holders. The guys can share their recipes but are not obligated to do so, although many ticket holders and Friends wish they would.

Pisgah Mountain String Band performs at Yankton Community Library

The second component to the event that makes it a fun night out includes great music. Live music is not what you would expect when you visit the library, but for this one evening a year it is bubbling in great volume. The Friends of the Yankton Community Library have been fortunate to have had the Pisgah Mountain String Band perform at each event. The music, the food, and the library create an atmosphere that you can only experience once a year and it’s delicious!


Read a Million Minutes wildly successful in Pierre

Read a Million Minutes at Buchanan Elementary, Pierre

When Heath Larson, Pierre School District’s Buchanan Elementary principal, suggested a reading incentive promotion for the 2009/2010 school year, librarian Deb Rumrill grabbed the ball and ran with it--a football, in this case.

Football Field for Read a Million Minutes promotion at Buchanan Elementary, Pierre.

Implemented at the beginning of the school year, the football-themed activity became known as “Read a Million Minutes.” A paper football field was posted on the wall of the school’s central hallway, with each classroom represented by a football. Also included was one ball for the group of staff members who chose to participate and whose pictures were then posted in the same hallway. Teachers kept track of independent and read-to reading minutes, both in school and otherwise, and then submitted those totals to the library in any written format—spreadsheet, e-mail, even sticky notes. Periodically Deb calculated the number of minutes read by each classroom’s participants and advanced the groups’ footballs along the field, including one big football that represented the combined numbers for the whole school and staff.

An early goal was to reach the halfway mark of 500,000 minutes read by Christmas vacation; at that point, Principal Larson donned special attire and went from classroom to classroom sharing the good news and cheering participants on toward the ultimate goal of 1,000,000 minutes, a goal that was attained by the end of the school year. Deb reports this “low- or no-cost” activity was wildly successful.


Alice helps Faulk County Library raise matching Gates funds

Mrs. Haberlings third grade class enjoy a reader's theatre production of Alice in Wonderland

With the help of Alice and the local third graders, the Faulk County Library celebrated National Library Week and reached its Gates Grant fundraising goal. Alice from Alice in Wonderland fame, of course! The raffle drawing for a donated six-inch 1959 Royal Dalton Alice figurine followed a reader’s theater performance of the story by Mrs. Haberling’s third grade class on April 14.

Librarian Judy Dixon reported that Mary Stevens of Faulkton was the winner of the raffle. The library had been saving the figurine to use at just the right time for a fundraising event. With the new version of the movie just released and the National Library Week theme of “community” it was indeed the right time. The figurine was among gifts donated by a community member in memory of her father with the plan that they would be sold or raffled as part of the library’s fundraising efforts.


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