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November/December 2010
Volume 2, Issue 11

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SD Library Snapshot Day
October 31-November 6, 2010

National Novel Writing Month
November, 2010

Native American Heritage Month
November, 2010

National Gaming Day
November 13, 2010

ALA Midwinter Meeting
January 7-11, 2011

South Dakota Student Media Fair
Entry Deadline February 2, 2011

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Did you know that Freeman Public Library has a CD/DVD cleaner?

By LeAnn Kaufman, Director, Freeman Public Library

CD DVD Cleaner at Freeman Public Library
The Friends group of the Freeman Public Library purchased a used CS/DVD cleaner for about $3000. We are able to clean and remove scratches from audio books and movies with it. We also make its use available to the public for $1.50 a disc.

We obtained the disc cleaner from a company called RTI. I had called around to several libraries and also the used gaming stores to see what they used and liked and this seemed to be the top choice. In the past year we have cleaned about 60 discs for patrons. I am amazed at what the machine can do. It can take some pretty serious scratches and clean them up. I know I have saved a lot by not having to replace books on CD or DVDs when they come back unusable. We are willing to clean discs through the mail if they include the return postage.

Sturgis Public Library celebrates with new library cards and a royal tea party

By Julie Moore, Director, Sturgis Public Library

Sturgis Public Library hosts a Royal Tea Party

Sturgis Public Library celebrated Library Card Sign-Up month on September 14 with our second annual sign-up event, combined with the unveiling of the new library cards. Over 25 new patrons (kindergarten and up) applied for their first library cards and received their choice of gift cards donated by local businesses and activity books. We also had a “get acquainted with the library” scavenger hunt for the kindergarten kids to identify the different areas of the library. When they completed their sheets they brought them up to the desk to get an additional treat.

Granddaughter of artist receives library cardOver 65 patrons were on hand to receive their newly designed cards, with the first card being issued to the granddaughter of the artist, Laurie Knoll. The Friends of the Library were recognized for their generous donation which funded the purchase of the new cards. Refreshments included bags of Tom Sturgis Pretzels which were donated by the Pennsylvania Company.

Last summer, we had decided to purchase the new library card/key chain combos with funds donated by the Sturgis Friends of the Library. We thought it would be fun to have a contest for the card design. Entrants could be of any age, but had to be registered borrowers. Although there were only six entries, we were really pleased by the thought and effort put into the designs. The winning card was a watercolor painting by Laurie Knoll of Black Hawk of her granddaughter reading to her stuffed animals. It was the unanimous choice of the judges.

King Gavin reads some storiesIn a separate event, 20 princesses, along with 10 adults, attended the “Royal Tea Party” storytime. King Gavin (Woltjer) read some lesser- known princess stories, including The End a book that starts backwards, and Falling for Rapunzel, a modern twist on the classic tale. The King and Queen (me, by default), served “tea” (lemonade or apple juice from tea pots) and treats. We also discussed favorite princesses, and practiced the royal wave and curtsy. The event was decreed to be a big success.

We promoted it on the Library’s blog, which also sends automatically to Facebook and Twitter, published it in our September Library Newsletter, sent out invitations to the elementary school and sent emails to our patron listserv.

Of course, now we need to do a “talk like a pirate” storytime for all of the pirates in our midst. Plans are underway for December or January.

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