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October 2010
Volume 2, Issue 10

Continuing Education Alert

Check Your Calendars!!

National Reading Group month
October, 2010

National Friends of Libraries Week
October 17-23, 2010

Teen Read Week
October 17-23, 2010

National Novel Writing Month
November, 2010

Native American Heritage Month
November, 2010

National Gaming Day
November 13, 2010

Library Headlines

South Dakota Library Snapshot Day is October 31- November 6

Do you know how many reference questions were asked last week? How about how many materials were checked out? Could you tell someone how many people attended your gardening program?

Yes, you probably could. After all, you’re a librarian. You know what’s happening in your building and keeping statistics is just part of the job. But what do you do with that information?

Enter Library Snapshot Day.

Library Snapshot Day is an initiative promoted by the American Library Association for ALL types of libraries. Using Library Snapshot Day, we want to demonstrate the impact that each library has, on a local and statewide level.

On your selected day, we want you to take the information that you already collect and enter it into the official “South Dakota Library Snapshot Day” survey. The Library Snapshot Day committee will take the information given by every participating library and publicize the grand total, illustrating the impact that libraries have in just one day.

But wait… there’s more!

Library impact is more than numbers; we want to know what your patrons think! Collect comments from your patrons, make videos and podcasts. Have library staff take pictures, or have cameras available so that library patrons can join in the fun! We want to see how your library is used, and we want the people who set your budgets to know how valued the library is in your community. A picture of your adult reading group may speak more to your city council than giving attendance numbers.

The South Dakota Library Association will be sponsoring a Flickr stream for all Library Snapshot photos. Patron comments will be entered through the official “Library Snapshot Day” survey. Participating libraries are encouraged to take the photos, statistics, and other artifacts gathered on their Snapshot Day and create marketing materials. That could include a page on your Web site, a report for your town council (or other governing body), posters, bookmarks, direct mailers and more!

Library Snapshot Day is an opportunity to show the people behind the statistics, to show the impact that a library truly has on the community. For more information about South Dakota’s Library Snapshot Day, please contact: Stacia McGourty by email.

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