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June 2011, Volume 3, Issue 6

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2011 One Book South Dakota

2011 Authors on the Road

ALA Annual Conference
June 23-28

Indian Education Summit
Sept. 25-27

SDLA Annual Conference
Oct. 5-7

SD Festival of Books
Oct. 7-9

AASL National Conference
Oct. 27-30

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School Libraries


School Library event planned in conjunction with Indian Education Summit

The South Dakota State Library is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first annual School Library Pre-Conference in conjunction with the Indian Education Summit this fall, Sept. 25, 2011. All school librarians with a predominantly Native American student body are invited to attend this pre-conference at no cost.

We encourage participants to come and participate in the IES starting Sunday evening, Sept. 25 and concluding on Tuesday, Sept. 27. If your school does not have a library or a school librarian, we encourage a school administrator or teacher to attend. We encourage academic tribal librarians to attend as well.

The Pre-Conference will be held at the Cedar Shore Resort starting at 1:00 p.m. and concluding at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011. A registration form (for the Library Pre-Conference) will be sent out at a later time and will also be available on our website. However, talk to your school administration now and mark your calendar for this event!

Topics that will be covered:

  • Award winning books and multicultural literature
  • How to find and apply for grants
  • State Library resources and services
  • Free statewide access to online databases
  • SDSL new school library standards and the Common Core
  • Meet and talk with State Library staff and the SDSL school coordinators
  • A question and answer session

If you think you will be attending, or have questions, please email or call Daria Bossman, Asst. State Librarian for Development Services, 605-773-3167 or 1-800-423-6665, email. Check DOE's website for more information and registration details for the Indian Education Summit.


Hot Springs librarian receives district honors


Was Hot Springs school librarian Marilyn Kaiser surprised, first at being nominated, and then at being named Hot Springs School District Teacher of the Year? "Surprised? Oh yes, I was surprised!" stated Marilyn, a staff veteran with 32 years of teaching experience in the district. Elementary, middle, and high school buildings each submitted a representative, nominated and voted on by the building’s teaching staff, to a selection committee determined by the Hot Springs Alumni Association which then interviewed each candidate. Marilyn learned of her award-winner status at the March 12 Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce annual awards night banquet. She was especially pleased that her children and their families were present at the banquet to share in her delight upon hearing her name announced for the honor.

Evidence that Marilyn richly deserved her award and that she exemplifies the critical role librarians often play in a student’s education is apparent in these words from the nominating letter of colleague Susan Whisler-Wendt:

At the end of my son's junior year of school at Hot Springs High School he was flunking his classes, he hated reading, he simply wanted to quit school and get his GED. The librarian [Marilyn] convinced him to "tough it out," provided him the opportunity to aide in the library, and supplied the guidance he needed to not only "letter" in his senior year but make the honor roll as well.

Over the years Marilyn's successful teaching/library career has been as varied as the nine teaching endorsements she's earned, all concentrated in the areas of library, reading, and writing. Again, in the words of her colleague, "Going from the librarian position to classroom teacher and back again was not a stretch for her. Her teaching assignments over the years have been as varied as the books she has ordered for the library." But, according to Marilyn, the library has always been her passion, her favorite place. "I can’t imagine being without a book to read. I’ve always been that way. My mom used to tell me that it was time to quit reading and go to sleep…"

We salute Marilyn and second the assertion by her colleague, "She represents what we stand for as a school district—honesty, integrity and efficient performance." And we applaud the fine example she has set by being recognized by her school district as their "best" teacher for 2010/2011.


Lee Crary: teacher, librarian, coordinator, and new retiree!

Lee Crary at her retirement party

Lee Crary, the State Library’s school library coordinator for the west river area, is retiring in early June. Lee came to the State Library in 2008 after a 33 year career as a teacher librarian. Almost all of those years were spent in the Bison School District. We wish her well in the next chapter of her adventures!





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