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May 2011, Volume 3, Issue 5

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Board Talk: Develop a local "roadmap" for your public library

By Daria Bossman, Asst. State Librarian for Development Services

I just drove back from Rapid City. I was pleased to be involved in the third meeting in a series of workshops hosted by the Rapid City Public Library about strategic planning. Public libraries in the Black Hills were invited to participate. These events were held in the early afternoon and evening so that local board members could attend. We applaud the Rapid City Public Library for stepping up and demonstrating this level of commitment and leadership among the Black Hills public libraries. I see this as a model that we want to continue across the state. Certainly when libraries volunteer to host an event, like our annual Jumpstart training or another workshop, your libraries are demonstrating how we can all help each other. Huron and Siouxland Public Libraries have hosted similar events in the past year. We appreciate when libraries see how they can network with one another to make all libraries in an area stronger, better, more informed and more equipped to offer their local citizens the information and resources they need to live productive lives. I trust as board members you are attending these local events and encouraging your library directors to volunteer and host similar trainings. You don't need a lot of space. Several years ago I attended Jumpstart training in a community room because the local public library was too tiny for any kind of meeting.

However, the discussion on strategic planning got me to thinking. Would other areas like to have similar board-centered trainings? Do you have a library vision or mission statement? Are your by-laws up-to-date? Have you ever done a community needs analysis, an environmental scan? Perhaps you are not sure what that even means or how it would be helpful? All these things are the baby steps toward eventually writing a local three or five-year library strategic plan. The development team at the State Library can offer resources and assist you in writing such a plan.

Think of it as a local roadmap for where your library is going in the next decade. It can be an exciting process of self-discovery, involve new people, and lead to some productive changes in your public library's outreach and services to your community. Perhaps we can think about some board training opportunities more regionally located for the convenience of local library board members. If you are a board president or a library director and would be willing to host such a regional or area event, give me a call and let’s imagine and do some planning for later this summer or next fall.

I am a firm believer that even small (especially small) libraries have a big role to play in the future of rural communities. However, we have to know where we are going (what road we are on) or we will never get there. Board involvement and leadership plays a huge role in developing those plans. Boards… come on board… let's get to planning!



Libraries are truly the road to everywhere

By Brenda Hemmelman, Research/ Government Publications Librarian

Libraries: the Road to Everywhere was the theme of the Mountain Plains Library Association/Montana Library Association conference held April 6-9 in Billings. Visit MPLA at and MLA at

Attending a conference where there are many librarians from other states is very beneficial. Because part of my job is with state government publications, I was interested in the Montana State Library project to digitize and place online its entire legacy print collection of approximately 55,000 state publications dating from the 1870s. The project will take several years. This is the future of state government publications, because so many things are "born digital" now. Hearing about the process Montana has gone through to get the project off the ground, change state law regarding state government publications, funding, organization, and other issues will help SDSL as it looks to the future of state government publications. Learn more about the Montana State Library project at

Training is also part of our mission at SDSL, and it is good to hear how other states are addressing training issues. I attended a session from a librarian at the ND State Library to hear how NDSL trains librarians and state employees in their state. It was a great presentation and I came out of it with new ideas to try.

Library conferences are great learning opportunities. Not only do you learn from the sessions you attend, but you make connections with librarians who do the same type of work during meals, planned fun events and general socializing. I've come back with several business cards from associates that I will feel comfortable contacting with questions in the future.

Many professional organizations offer grants for members to attend conferences, workshops and other events. I thought the opportunity to attend this conference was worth taking vacation time and paying my own way. Libraries truly are the road to everywhere and it is wonderful to hear the variety of ways libraries are reaching out to serve.



OverDrive Tutorials

With the latest technological updates many of us are embracing, here are some handy links and tutorials that should help us give a hand to our e-reading patrons.

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