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April 2012, Volume 4, Issue 4

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National Library Week
April 8-14

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April 22-28

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April 22-28

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April 23

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April 30

Children's Book Week
May 7-13

Featured e-Resources of the Month
Support Common Core literacy with electronic resources, part 2

Featured e-Resources of the Month


Support Common Core literacy with electronic resources, part 2

What’s the key to Common Core standards? Reading—the heart of every library. Whether your library is public, school, or academic, you can help students become college and career ready and help teachers implement Common Core standards by using State Library electronic resources.

This month, we’ll continue our Common Core theme. Part 1 covered the first three of Common Core’s six strands. See Part 1 here. This month, we’ll look at strands four, five and six. We’ve made some connections between the strands and State Library electronic resources. What other connections can you make?

  1. Writing

    Reading and writing go together, as research tells us that better readers are better writers. Common Core includes research in this strand: Research to Build & Present Knowledge.Conducting research in any of the subscription electronic resources provided by the State Library will lead researchers to authoritative, safe, age-appropriate material. These resources also offer help for researchers, such as World Book’s Citation Builder and SIRS’ and ProQuest’s citation help. Creative presentation methods are offered in CAMIO (slide show or website creation using art images) and World Book Timelines and Pathfinders.

  2. Speaking & Listening

    Speaking and listening demonstrate literacy and emphasize communication and creativity. Any State Library subscription e-resource can help searchers find facts and accompanying images or graphics. Read aloud is in Spanish in the World Book Spanish version, and Gale Virtual Reference Library offers read aloud in many languages and mp3 audio downloads. SIRS Discoverer has an Activities section on read-aloud plays, read-aloud stories and reading, writing and language projects. Special features, such as World Book Discover’s “World Book Explains” videos can serve as models for student work.

  3. Language

    This strand emphasizes the use of standard English language conventions. Articles contained in the State Library e-resources mentioned are good examples of the use of standard English. Patrons can gain more practice and information in Learning Express Library’s online practice tests, e-books, and courses, for grades four through adult.

Let State Library e-resources help your patrons meet Common Core standards and enhance learning for all ages.

For more information on Common Core, see the Department of Education website at





Common Core, electronic resources

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