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March 2012, Volume 4, Issue 3

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Read Across America Day
March 2

Teen Tech Week
March 4-10

World Read Aloud Day
March 7

PLA Annual Conference
March 13-17

Month of the Military Child

School Library Month

National Library Week
April 8-14

Preservation Week
April 22-28

Money Smart Week
April 22-28

World Book Night
April 23

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Library Development


Public Library Survey deadline is March 30

The Public Library Survey closes in just over a month. Be sure and give yourself enough time to check your answers and ask questions. Join us for a Q & A webinar on March 8 at 10:30 CT or give us a call anytime at 1/800/423-6665. Jasmine, Brenda, Daria or Kathleen can help with login and password information and any issues that arise. Register Today!


Welcome new South Dakota librarians

Over the past year there have been many changes at public libraries across the state. Meet the new librarians who now direct the following public libraries. Stop in and say hello if you happen to travel through these communities:

  • Chamberlain – Melissa Hutmacher
  • Custer County – Doris Ann Mertz
  • Eagle Butte (Dakota Club) – Leisah Bluespruce
  • Edgemont – Ashley Cortney
  • Hill City – Cindy Girard
  • Huron – Shirley Apley
  • Kadoka (Jackson County) – Deb Moor
  • Kennebec – Pat Halvorsen
  • Lake Preston – Alesha Turner
  • North Sioux City – Deb Matthys
  • Siouxland – Mary Johns
  • Wall – Wendy Brunnemann

In addition, Dave West is the new librarian at the Cheyenne River College Center of Oglala Lakota College in Eagle Butte.


The Digital Librarian’s Legal Handbook and other resources in the news

Reviewed by Jane Healy

Digital Librarian's Legal Handbook Book Cover used with permission from bn.comThe Digital Librarian’s Legal Handbook by John N. Gathegi, NY: Neal-Schuman, 2012, 223 pgs.

DRM, digital literacy, digital licensing--it’s a digital world! Now, how do we manage it legally? This book is designed as a reference, so that you can quickly and easily turn to the pertinent pages when questions arise. It contains a detailed index and valuable appendices, including one with notable points from each chapter and a compilation of compliance checklists.

Each chapter contains a “hypothetical” for consideration, a situation that could come up regarding digital use of intellectual property. An appendix gives analyses of the hypotheticals to help you make good decisions. Endnotes for each chapter show references to relevant statutes and legal cases.

Chapter One introduces legal issues libraries may have with digital intellectual property and gives background on copyright, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and rights of publicity and privacy. With that, you are ready to dive into the other chapters as needed.

Other chapters offer background and advice to help you answer these and other questions:

How are patrons allowed access?

What do I need to know before I sign a digital media license?

Who owns digital content? Who holds the copyright?

If my library owns the content, what rights and limitations does it have?

Where does fair use fit in? How long do rights last?

How are rights acquired from owners?

What is the penalty for my library violating a license agreement?

Can my Internet service provider be charged if someone at my library uses digital material improperly?

What is the Berne Convention, and why should my library care?

Author John N. Gathegi knows what he’s writing about. He holds PhD and JD degrees and teaches about these issues at the University of South Florida.

This book and others about copyright and licensing are available at the State Library.

Other resources in the news




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