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May 2012, Volume 4, Issue 5

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One Book South Dakota 2012

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May 1-7

Children's Book Week
May 7-13

SDLA 2012: Branch Out
May 16

ALA 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition
June 21-26

South Dakota Festival of Books
Sept. 28-30

SDLA 2012
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Oct. 3-5

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School Libraries


School Library Survey closes May 16

The School Library Survey closes on May 16. Make sure your district data is submitted on time so it will be included in the 2012 School Data Digest. Those with questions or needing login and password information may contact the State Library at 1-800-423-6665; Mary G. Johnson (email or 605-295-3173); or Joan Upell (email or 605-295-3152).


Does your library have a mission statement?

As the school year ends, we know everyone is ready for summer vacation. But we also know that you are thinking and planning ahead for next year too. Take some time to look over the School Library Guidelines ( Does your library have a mission statement?

Brookings High School Librarian, Jean Kirschenman came up with a simple, but effective way to communicate the library's mission in her school. As they were refocusing their mission in the library and wanted all the staff on the same page when school started for the current year, Kirschenman wrote the skit “Yes, We Can!!!”. She recounts, “We had the art teacher act as the librarian—he was much more entertaining than listening to us! So, ahead of time, I rounded up the teachers willing to ask the questions and the somewhat willing volunteer to be the librarian. We presented at inservice before school started, and it went very well—and actually led to many requests from the teachers.”

Feel free to adapt Kirschenmans skit or come up with something new. It's never too early to get ready for the new school year. You’ll find more information about mission statements at


School library chats shorten distance across the state

The last of three school library chats was held on April 12 over a two-hour time period. The State Library’s School Library Coordinators provided opportunities over the past three months for school librarians across the state to call in for any length of time to discuss topics of interest or concern to them with other school librarians in the state. April's chat focused on weeding, job openings for school librarians, SD children's and teen book awards, book reviewing and student use of cell phones. Participants could also view slides on upcoming events and information as well as write on an online whiteboard to contribute ideas.

School library chats will resume next fall. Help us plan what works best for you by completing a short evaluation.


21st Century School Library Taskforce completes self-assessment tool

The 21st Century School Library Taskforce submitted its final report and draft documents to The SDSL Board for a first reading on April 11. The group developed a voluntary self-assessment tool for school libraries to assist in local implementation of the South Dakota School Library Guidelines.

Pending official approval and adoption, the self-assessment tool will also be used as a key element in a 21st Century School Library Award process to begin in the spring of 2013. To view a PDF draft of the self-assessment tool go to Watch for further details on this and the award process in the upcoming months.

Thank you taskforce members: Alissa Adams, Sturgis; Robert Behlke, Huron; Daria Bossman, SDSL; Jeanne Conner, Sioux Falls; Amy DeNomme, Brandon; Mary Frank, Gregory; Dianne Hemminger, Spearfish; Mary G. Johnson, SDSL; Joanne Kallhoff, Madison; Sharlene Lien, Sioux Falls; Scott Lepke, Custer; Lynda Lewis, Hill City; Jean Moulton, Watertown; Emily Olson, Harrisburg; Angela Ostrander, Faith; Joan Upell, SDSL; Ex Officio, Sam Shaw, DOE.





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