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May 2012, Volume 4, Issue 5

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One Book South Dakota 2012

Choose Privacy Week
May 1-7

Children's Book Week
May 7-13

SDLA 2012: Branch Out
May 16

ALA 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition
June 21-26

South Dakota Festival of Books
Sept. 28-30

SDLA 2012
Libraries: Crossroads to Discovery

Oct. 3-5

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Edgemont students learn about Titanic through variety of resources

Titanic Display at Edgemont

Edgemont School Librarian, Stacie Leonard, searched both physical and virtual resources to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic disaster. Gathered together into a display they provided her students a hands-on experience with history.

Leonard explains, “I did lessons with students in grades K-5 about the Titanic, everything from where it was built, to who was on it as passengers, to who helped the survivors. The kids absolutely loved these lessons and they enjoyed being able to look at the display I set up. The display had menus from the Titanic website, costume jewelry, old china, old glass bottles and I also printed boarding passes. We went outside and took the measurements from the ship so I could show the kids how big the Titanic was. We all had a great time doing this!”


Book drop gets extreme makeover at combo library

Book Drop at West Central High School/Middle School

With National Library Week approaching, librarians at the combined West Central High School/Middle School and Siouxland Public (Hartford/Humboldt) began forming ideas to observe the event. They decided that the book drop, which was a large aluminum box with a chute connecting it to a window near the entrance, could use some refurbishing.

While the staff came up with ideas of different animals for the box to become (a hippo with a big, wide mouth, or a giraffe, with its head out the window), nothing seemed quite right. Librarian Beth Prostrollo noticed that the shape of the box and the chute created a "cascade" from the window and visualized a waterfall. When she suggested it, the rest of the staff considered it and agreed.

The task involved some consultation with the local body shop owner about materials and preparation of the surface, and several student aides were enlisted to help scrape and sand the entire surface before priming the box. Meanwhile, Prostrollo collected paints and brushes and looked for images to begin the design, and then the painting started. During the days, when there were quiet times in the library and an extra staff person available, Prostrollo worked on the rocks, sky and trees, and then sprayed on a layer of blue for the pond water. The shrubbery, the actual falling water, and the animals came next, including branches with little tree frogs. Lastly, she added butterflies, selected by the staff and aides. As for Prostrollo’s artistic talent, she says, “I have taken a few classes in drawing, painting and pottery but am largely self-taught. Nature inspires me to draw, paint and work with clay. Hand built pottery and jewelry are my favorite things to create.”

Other features to the project were added, such as Head Librarian Jeanette Nielson’s talent for music. She composed an original song for the "unveiling” of the new book drop. The song was titled "Book Drop Rock.” [PDF]


There's a whole lot of reading going on at Gettysburg School

Gettysburg School Librarian, Mary Quiett reports that there’s a whole lot of reading going on this spring in the two libraries in her district. High school students are tracking down new titles to check out, older elementary students are reading to prepare for Knowledge Bowl and the younger ones are ready to “Blossom with Books.”

T shirt display for high school

When the new books arrive in the high school library Quiett creates a PowerPoint and the English classes come in to view it. For each book, she creates a slide with the cover, title, author, synopsis, AR book level and points. Students receive a handout of the PowerPoint and it’s also used to create a t-shirt themed display around the library that can easily be updated.

Knowledge Bowl

The students in grades 4-6 compete in an annual Knowledge Bowl. To prepare the students have been reading books about their assigned topics and studying further in the classroom. Fourth graders are competing on questions about the United States. The fifth grade will compete using the theme of the Revolutionary War. The sixth graders will be asked questions about Ancient Civilizations. The final competition will be in the school gym and families are invited to attend.

Blossom With Books

In May of each year, the library also gives out AR participation and point awards to the students in grades K-6. Each year during second semester Quiett decorates the halls with a theme and each week student’s names are added for each point earned. Quiett says, “I have used themes like popcorn, bananas, and ice cream. As you can see in the photo, this year is “Blossom with Books!”





Edgemont, Gettysburg, Hartford, Humboldt

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