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October 2012, Volume 4, Issue 9

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Check Your Calendars!!

One Book South Dakota 2012

Banned Books Week
Sept. 30 - Oct. 6

Banned Websites Awareness Day
Oct. 3

SDLA Annual Conference
Oct. 3-5

Teen Read Week
Oct. 14-20

National Friends of Libraries Week
Oct. 21-27

National Novel Writing Month

International Games Day
Nov. 3

American Education Week
Nov. 11-17

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Why Didn't I Think of That?


Flat Earl travels across the country promoting libraries

Almost everyone has heard of Flat Stanley made famous in the picture book of the same name by author Jeff Brown. But do you know about Flat Earl? Earl is the Salt Lake City Public Library’s spokes-puppet. He went “flat” and did a “Flat Stanley” type tour to libraries around the country.

Look where he shows up at the 2:40 minute mark in this video of his adventures:


West Central students go on an Amazing Library Race

students at West Central at Hartford

Freshmen students at West Central in Hartford are learning about the many great offerings at the school library. Students competed in an "Amazing Race" scavenger hunt based on the popular TV show. During this race, students explored databases, the new library webpage, and some cool technology tools. As part of the Amazing Library Race, students also participated in fun physical and mental challenges. Librarians Beth Prostrollo and DaNann Kistler were hosts for the Amazing Library Race and reported that their students loved it and had great fun.





Hardford, and video

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