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December-January 2014, Volume 5, Issue 11

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One Book SD

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A virtual visit with an author

by Miranda Brumbaugh, Platte Public Library

Imagine hosting a children's story time event in South Dakota, in which the group is listening to a book being read by its author--who is sitting in his home in the UK. Imagine if that visit was free. Yes, free, that most loved word rarely whispered in libraries today. This is exactly what we are doing at the Platte Public Library on Dec. 11.

skype logoLast year at Library Institute we Skyped with Marissa Meyer, YA author of the Cinder series. Since then I have been obsessed with finding an author to make a virtual visit at our library. At the same time, we've amped up our children's story time program to a weekly event rather than monthly. As a way to encourage a love of books with our story time kids I did some searching for a free Skype visit with an author. Fingers crossed, I stumbled across a page by children's author Kate Messner. It lists dozens of authors including Messner who offer free 20-minute Skype visits. Here is the link:

book cover of Jonathan Emmett's Bringing Down the Moon Image used with permission from b n dot comFor our Skype event, we are going to virtually watch author Jonathan Emmett as he reads his award winning children's book "Bringing Down the Moon." The book won the Kiekeboekprijs prize in 2003, a Dutch award in children's literature for the best pre-school book in the Netherlands. We are thrilled to have this opportunity for our community as Platte is 25 percent Dutch. Afterward he will answer questions asked by our story time kids, which should be quite interesting. We plan to explain what Skype is and read the book the week before at story time so the kids can be prepared with questions.



Interlibrary loan - more helpful hints

If you are borrowing materials through interlibrary loan it is important to remember that as the borrowing library, your library is responsible for any items lent to the library. When borrowing an item from another library the borrowing library is responsible for the item from the time it leaves the lending library until the time it is returned to the lending library. Even if the borrowing library never receives the item, it is still responsible for that item.

If an item is damaged by a patron or lost in the mail, the borrowing library must pay the lending library for the item. The cost for replacing the item is set by the lending library. Very few items are damaged or lost during the interlibrary loan process. However, when it happens be courteous. If an item is damaged, return the item to the lending library and let them know that you will pay for the item. If the lending library contacts you that a borrowed item was not returned, ask them to send you a bill. If you returned the item you can let the lending library know what day the item was shipped and asked them to check their shelves again. If the item is not found, ask the lending library to send you a bill.

Always be courteous about returning material on time. The due date on the interlibrary loan slip is the date the item is due back at the lending library. Factor in adequate time for an item to go through the mail and ask your patrons to return the item several days before the lending library’s due date. If you are going to request a renewal, please do so before the due date. Before you request a renewal be sure to check the lending library’s renewal policy. If an item is identified as non-renewable do not ask for a renewal.






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