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Coffee sales make Douglas High School Library teen area perk

The Douglas High School Library teen group created their teen area by selling coffee two days a week. With the money raised, they purchased new furniture and decor for a space all their own.

room at Douglas High School Library

room at Douglas High School LibraryLibrarian Kim Darata said that the creation of the teen space is "really a collaborative effort between our library staff, students and our supportive principal." Principal Bud Gusso acquired four new chairs with built-in desks on the arms and wheels on the legs. He also anchored iPads to the desks, which students love. Before leaving for the night, Darata and Library Aide Kathy Auriemma wheel the chairs together and plug the iPads into a power strip, making them easy to recharge. They get the area ready to use in the morning, too. The teen group purchased bean bags, a lamp, coffee table, rug and other teen-friendly decorations with their coffee sale earnings.



Amazon wish list helps grow collections

by Melissa Hubbell, director of libraries, Rapid City Catholic Schools

Last year, the Rapid City Catholic School System Library Director Melissa Hubbell started Amazon wish lists for the elementary, middle and high school libraries. The wish lists contain materials that the school libraries are seeking. The school system has found the wish lists to be very successful because they give parents, volunteers, staff, students and members of the community a way to donate and help the libraries in a variety of ways. For instance, donations can be made directly to the school in a cash or check form, designating donors' intentions such as specific materials from the wish lists. Specific schools or donors can remain anonymous with their donations, which has seemed to be the most common at RCCSS. The wish lists are set up so that as materials are purchased, the items are taken off of the lists to prevent duplicates. The wish lists also provide information of importance, indicating priority for materials libraries need right away. The Amazon wish lists have generated thousands of dollars of new materials and much needed materials for all three school libraries, and RCCSS is grateful for donors' participation and continuing contributions.






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