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June/ July 2014, Volume 6, Issue 5

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Reading and Recipes program a success

On May 6, Canton Public Library hosted a program called Reading and Recipes. The program was inspired by the staff of Rawlins Municipal Library when they presented "hors d'oeuvres with a literary note" for the SDLA Legislative Reception.

librarians featuring books and food event

Staff and patrons got together with their favorite "foodie" novels and prepared a potluck based on the recipes. After a great number of calories were consumed, there was spirited discussion on whether Diane Mott Davidson's recipes were better than Joanne Fluke's, and whether Hannah Swensen would ever pick between Mike and Norman.


South Park Fifth Graders Help Break a Guinness World Record

by: Hannah Baker

May 5, 2014 - Rapid City Area Schools: Melissa Thibault, South Park Elementary information media specialist, was reading a professional library journal when she stumbled upon an ad. It was for a contest for schools to participate in the quest to break the Guinness World Record for the longest comic strip. Because she is always looking to incorporate creative projects into the classroom, Thibault applied.

Last June, Thibault received an email that South Park, along with other schools across the country, had been chosen to join "Big Nate and author Lincoln Peirce as they attempt to break the world record for the longest comic strip ever!"

"The students were beyond excited to be a part of this project," said Thibault. "Most of them really enjoy the Big Nate series and thought the panels we were sent were hilarious."

South Park Elementary students break Guinness World Record from K O T A Black Hills - photos are all rights reservedSouth Park was sent a world record classroom pack including 10 comic strip panels, markers, and postage to send the panels back to Harper Collins Publishing Company. During September, fifth graders got to work completing the comic strip panels by tracing over penciled markings and filling some of the panels in with color.

When they were finished, Thibault mailed them to Harper Collins. Time went by and Thibault had yet to hear anything about whether or not the world record attempt had been successful.

"Several students throughout the year inquired about the strips, but I didn't receive any new information," said Thibault.

However, one afternoon Thibault received a certificate in the mail stating that the project was successful and South Park Elementary was a part of completing a world record. To help keep the outcome a surprise, Thibault did not tell her students the record had been broken so they could watch the outcome announced on the Today Show.

"Our students were beyond thrilled watching the Today Show segment," said Thibault. "They all seemed very proud."

As a result of the project, Thibault said she can't keep Lincoln Pierce or Guinness World Record books from flying off the library shelves. Some students are even creating their own comic strips.

"This project allowed for incorporation of several types of books: How to create comics, World Record books, Big Nate books, as well as other graphic novels," she said. "Reading should be fun and projects like these make reading exciting."

To read more RCAS news, check out the Superintendent's Community Blog.


How I see heirlooms

by Rae Brecht, Community Services Coordinator, Brookings Public Library

In April, master gardener and former nursery owner, Phyllis Harms gave a program at our library. At the age of ninety, Harms is very active and full of knowledge that she loves to share with others. She shared with us the definition of heirloom plants, the variety of plants that are heirloom and the qualities they have that drew her to them. After her talk she fielded questions from the audience and gave away two heirloom plants she brought with her. She even invited us to stop at her son's house and visit his garden.

This program was well received by our community and was very easy to line up. I found Harms through a volunteer who is a member of GFWC. While working at the library, she mentioned the wonderful program she had heard at one of their meetings. I inquired about it and was able to get Harm's phone number from her. There are Master Gardeners across the state that have been trained and are willing to give programs in their communities.

The Master Gardener program provides university training to volunteers to prepare them to serve their communities through horticulture extension activities. More information on this program can be found by doing an Internet search for Master Gardeners - South Dakota State University or going to From there you may be able to find a master gardener in your area.


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