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Not sure about the difference between Albert Einstein and Albert Schweitzer?

You've heard a person's name, but do you know what's she known for? Whether your school hosts a living wax museum or a patron seeks information about a famous person, State Library e-resources have the information you need.

World Book Kids' "Important People" feature on its homepage helps those in grades K-5 find information about people by job, gender, country and time period. World Book Student and InfoFinder bring the same search options to their "Biography Center" with links to more World Book articles about people. An article search by person's name also brings results.

In SIRS Discoverer, the magazine e-resource for grades K-9, patrons can type a name in the search box to get full-text articles and links to good websites. This e-resource also offers a "Biographies" Database Feature on its home page.

Gale Virtual Reference Library's Encyclopedia of World Biography's 23 online volumes cover all time periods up to 2003, cultures, countries and areas of achievement. For middle-school and up, this title includes details about Nobel Prize winners, Olympic champions, artists, financiers, Presidents, industry leaders, and much more.

All of these resources have read-aloud, citation help, and other features to make getting to know famous people as easy as possible. They are available from the Online Resources on the State Library website. They are directly available within the library and on school and academic campuses and available from home with barcode and password. Contact Julie Erickson, Julie.Erickson@state.sd.us] or Jane Healy, Jane.Healy@state.sd.us, State Library Electronic Services Coordinators, for more information.


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