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The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte

A review by Wynne Nafus Sayer, Information Officer

This month, I'm bringing a little something different to the table. As librarians and library staff, there is one thing that most all of us have had to encounter at least once in our careers and lives:


An ever changing concept, it's not easy for many of us to keep up with the latest device and geekery. Not all of us have kids or co-workers who can help us through the questions and issues that we are confronted with - whether it's a patron's question or an issue that happens within the library. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a techie person on staff, that's absolutely great! However, admit it - it would be nice to understand most issues and basic trouble-shooting steps instead of always needing to ask for help.

Folks, I bring you Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy. Leo and his team do a wonderful job of explaining technology, computers and the Internet. The Tech Guy show is a radio talk show (twice weekly, recorded live on weekends) that is also available online - in both video and audio.

This show is perfect for novices and newbies as well as advanced users. He touches on news from the latest phones and devices to software and operating systems. He answers questions like:

Each episode is three hours long; however don't let this discourage you! On the website, the episodes have a handy timeline - so you can simply click on the discussion you are most interested in, and go straight there. Search the website for past episodes (1000+) and find that each question asked is briefly answered in text format with Leo's answers as well as other helpful advice from the chat room discussions that occurred during the live show. Each question is also categorized by topics, so that's another easy way to find the answer to your tech issues.

Should you think that he looks or sounds familiar, you're absolutely right! His radio show is syndicated so it's possible that your local station plays the show on the weekends or you may have heard him through satellite radio. However, I remember him back from the ZDTV/ TechTV days from shows like "The Screen Savers" and "Call For Help."

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