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Rockin' Reader recognition program

By Deb Rumrill, Buchanan Elementary School Librarian, Pierre

Rockin' Reader is a program I developed for Buchanan Elementary School library students in Pierre, SD. Each week four students are chosen to be recognized for their good choices in three areas of library:

  • Reading selections (books chosen match the reading level of the student and represent appropriate topics or stories for his or her age)
  • Care of materials (the student returns materials to the school library in good shape and on time)
  • Use of library time (the behavior of the student while in library and how he or she uses library technology are good models for others to emulate)

The Rockin' Readers selected for any given week have their picture and a picture of two book choices on display in the library for a week. At the end of the week they receive a certificate with their picture and book choices, a "Good Example" card, and a special bookmark.

What I enjoy most about this program is that it gives me an opportunity to highlight achievements of students who might not be recognized in other curriculum areas.


Bookmarks: increase interest and reading without breaking the budget

Librarian Shelley Rath with bookmarks for students

Shelley Rath at West Middle School (Rapid City Area Schools) has an innovative way to create bookmarks-she has the comics in the newspaper laminated and cuts them apart (great student worker activity) and the students can select comic bookmarks when they check out books. Shelley says "Students take time to carefully choose just the right bookmark. No two bookmarks are alike and the smile from just the right comic has students carefully guarding this simple library tool."


Denver Public Library vs. Seattle Public Library in the Reading Bowl

The 2014 Super Bowl brought attention to a lot more than just the football teams involved. Denver Public Library and Seattle Public Library engaged in the Reading Bowl competition, a fierce Twitter battle where people would tweet what they were reading and attach a hashtag for the particular library they were supporting. It wasn't necessary for people to be DPL or SPL patrons. Anyone with a Twitter account could play.

Denver Public library tweets photo DPL staff today set up a display of Seattle books to settle our wager with Seattle Public Library after losing the Reading Bowl

In the end, SPL (like their football team) came out ahead. DPL was tasked with creating a display of materials in a prominent area of the library that highlighted Seattle and Seattle authors. Being good sports, SPL also created a Denver display in their library. Either way in this competition, reading was the ultimate winner.






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