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May 2014, Volume 6, Issue 4

Continuing Education Alert

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Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

Jewish American Heritage Month

National Inventors Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

National Bike Month

Choose Privacy Week
May 1-7

National Library Legislative Day
May 5-6

National Teacher Day
May 6

Children's Book Week
May 12-18

ALA Annual Conference
June 26-July 1, 2014

ALCTS Annual Conference
June 26–July 1, 2014

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Welcome new South Dakota librarians

Several leadership changes have taken place at public libraries across the state since fall 2013. Meet the new librarians who now direct the following public libraries. Stop in and say hello if you happen to travel through any these communities. Remember that networking with each other is the best way to share ideas.

  • Bennett County, Martin -Belinda Ready
  • Dell Rapids Carnegie Public Library - Brittany Moeller
  • Grant County Public Library, Milbank - Jodi Carlson
  • Ihanktonwan Community/College Library, Marty - Bear Hand
  • Lake Andes Carnegie Library - Mary Jo Parker
  • Leola Public Library - Pam Walz
  • Parkston Public Library - Trista Friman
  • Rapid City Public Library - Jim McShane
  • Rawlins, Municipal Library, Pierre - Robin Schrupp
  • Viborg Public Library - Catherine Ludens
  • Webster Public Library - Teri Ewalt


Academic enrichment and tutoring/homework help offered to elementary students at the Beresford Public Library

by Jane Norling

students at Beresford Public Library

The Beresford Public Library's objective last year was to reach out and help students with academic programming at the library. Thanks to a grant from the Beresford Area Foundation and local donations, the library was able to hire Deb Bonte, a local retired teacher to supervise and teach a year's worth of educational programs at the library. Bonte is a dynamic teacher and inspires the students she works with. She holds a Master's degree and maintains current certification from the SD Department of Education plus has over 30 years of experience and specialized training in reading instruction and interventions.

students at Beresford Public Library

Tutoring at Beresford Public LibraryThe first programming event was a "jumpstart" learning camp in August. It was "A Week in the Rainforest" with a total immersion of the subject. The students had cross-curricular hands-on learning activities about the rainforest in the subjects of science, language arts, math, art and social studies. Twenty students participated in the morning session and twenty students in the afternoon session.

During the school year, we offered tutoring and homework help to nineteen students. Each student had one or two 30 minute one-to-one sessions per week focusing on reading and math. The program is rewarding and helping to develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.


Let teens build cool stuff and they will come (to the library!)

This year for Teen Tech week at Huron Public Library, our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) assembled five new desktop computers for the children and teen internet areas. Our local students happened to have a 1:30pm Early Release day that week. So we were able to schedule a three and a half hour block of time during one afternoon to complete the activity. Our city IT specialist led the group with three library staff assisting. At first, participants were a little nervous about handling and potentially breaking computer parts. But with a little reassurance and coaching, they dug into the cases. By the end of the session, everyone was feeling very proud of their accomplishments.

Huron teens build desktop computers

This project was a cost-effective way to add new public internet access stations to the library. The library was able to purchase computer parts from an online discount computer supplier and very affordable software licenses through Teens in our community are always looking for ways to help. This was a fun opportunity for them to contribute to the library. They are already eagerly asking what we'll be doing for next year's Teen Tech event. Rumor has it that 2015's project has something to do with Pi (no "e")!


Junk Drawer Robots make successful Teen Tech Week

by Cindy Messenger, Hot Springs Public Library director

building a robot car out of a paperclip box

Teen Tech Week at Hot Springs Public Library meant the teens were invited to spend time building "junk drawer robots". Youth Librarian, Dawn Johnson, teamed up with SDSU 4-H / Youth Program Advisor, Brad Keizer, to provide an afternoon of learning and fun. Participants discussed the importance of robotics in everyday life and in their futures.

Challenges given to the youth were:

  1. To study friction, make a "vehicle" out of a box of paper clips and test the speed on several surfaces (smooth and textured) then make changes to their cars and retest them for function.
  2. Make a machine that will write on a piece of paper by itself. For supplies they received a plastic beverage cup, a battery powered motor, a straw, tape, a pencil top eraser and a marker.
  3. Do all this in 30 minutes while working with a partner.
  4. Compare your machines with the others.

building a robot that writes by itself

All the groups were successful and found that even though each machine was so different in appearance, each machine accomplished the goal. The afternoon was filled with laughter, learning, cooperating and of course, snacks!


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