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November-December 2014, Volume 6, Issue 9

Continuing Education Alert

Check Your Calendars!!

Diabetic Eye Disease Month

Military Family Appreciation Month

National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

National Novel Writing Month

Picture Book Month

South Dakota Statehood: 1889
November 2

Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 2, 2014

Election Day
November 4, 2014

World Science Day
November, 10, 2014

National Young Readers Week
November 10-14, 2014

Veterans Day
November 11, 2014

YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium
November 14-16, 2014

International Games Day
November 15, 2014

National Geography Awareness Week
November 16-22, 2014

American Education Week
November 17-21, 2014

Education Support Professionals Day
November 19, 2014

Educator for a Day
November 20, 2014

Substitute Educators Day
November 21, 2014

National Games and Puzzle Week
November 23-29, 2014

Women's Leadership Institute
December 2-4, 2014

International Day for Persons with Disabilities
December 3, 2014

Christmas Eve
December 24, 2014

Christmas Day
December 25, 2014

New Year's Eve
December 31, 2014

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Board Talk


Free access to library-specific online webinars

By Daria Bossman, State Librarian

FREE! I love the word "free"! Well, like most things in life these webinars are not technically free. What we mean is that someone else paid for you or your library staff to take these high quality online webinars. They are free of any personal or local charge. In reality the State Library used federal funding to purchase these anytime, anywhere online courses for YOUR library. We have full access in South Dakota for one year.

Please encourage your board and library staff to view these webinars together or individually. Our subscription is for one year and our librarians and staff may take as many webinars or online courses as their heart desires. We hope the prices will remain low so that we can continue to offer this service, but as with most things in life, there is no guarantee that we can offer this suite of online offerings in the years to come. Board: the time to act is NOW!

So South Dakota librarians, library staff, volunteers, and board members, log on and explore your options! This could be fun! An adventure in online learning!

WebJunction's library-specific courses are now available for free to all library staff, board members and volunteers. Through the generous support of OCLC, the Gates Foundation, the South Dakota State Library, WebJunction provides timely and relevant learning content to access anytime, from anywhere.

Just to give you a taste of some of the online course (webinar) offerings available now:

All participants will need to do the following:

  1. Create a new account at Begin by selecting Log in at the top right of the page, and then create a new account.
  2. Explore the catalog of library-focused self-paced courses and archived webinars and proceed with one or more of the courses.
  3. Complete any course or webinar that you enroll in from the catalog and receive a certificate of completion.
  4. Keep your certificates to later prove you have the CE hours or trustee training hours you or your library needs for certification renewals or library accreditation.
  5. Come back often to this resource link and see the new courses that will be available for you to take over the next year. Mark this URL as a "favorite" for easy access:

Please contact Kathleen Slocum, CE Coordinator via email at or by phone at 1-800-423-6665 (SD only) or 605-773-8438 if you have questions.

We hope that you add the resources that WebJunction offers to your continuing educational programming. Remember, for purposes of tracking continuing education hours, this is your individual responsibility! Keep a file!

Model lifelong learning for your community and for your children! Keep growing! Keep learning! Keep sharing! And let us know which ones you particularly liked or ones in which you learned a great deal.

We would love to hear your stories! Did the course help you write a Technology Plan, establish a Reconsideration Policy, talk to your City Council about increasing the budget, start a special project, get the courage and confidence to "weed" an outdated section of your library books or start a Teen Board? Whatever the story, we'd love to hear from you!


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