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April 2015, Volume 7, Issue 4

Continuing Education Alert

Check Your Calendars!!

School Library Month
Apr. 2015

National Poetry Month
Apr. 2015

"Drop Everything and Read" Month
Apr. 2015

Apr. 5

National Library Week
Apr. 12-18

National Library Workers Day
Apr. 14

National Bookmobile Day
Apr. 15

Celebrate Teen Literature Day
Apr. 16

Money Smart Week®
Apr. 18-25

Preservation Week
Apr. 26- May 2

Children's Day/ Book Day - El día de los niños/ El día de los lobros (Día)Día! Diversity in Action
Apr. 30

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
May, 2015

Jewish American Heritage Month
May, 2015

National Inventors Month
May, 2015

Mental Health Awareness Month
May, 2015

National Bike Month
May, 2015

May Day
May 1

Choose Privacy Week
May 1-7

National Library Legislative Day
May 4-5

Children's Book Week
May 4-10

Cinco de Mayo
May 5

National Teacher Day
May 5

Mother's Day
May 10

National Bike to Work Week
May 11-15

Memorial Day
May 25

Featured e-Resources of the Month
State Library introduces SAGE Knowledge eBooks



"Twelve Golden Rules for Board Members"

  1. A trustee must have an interest in the public library.
  2. A trustee must have time to give to the public library.
  3. A trustee must consider the position, not as a matter of prestige but as an opportunity for courageous and forward-looking determination to push the public library forward.
  4. A trustee knows the law under which the library is organized.
  5. A trustee serves without compensation.
  6. A trustee carries a full share of responsibilities as a board member so that a few members do not have to do all the work, taking all the blame or praise.
  7. A trustee does not re-voice his/her opposition or criticism, either publically or privately, after a policy or rule is adopted by majority vote of the board.
  8. A trustee is very careful to keep confidential information confidential and does not give out information regarding future board actions or plans until such action is taken.
  9. A trustee treats the staff members and the librarian in a completely professional, impersonal fashion.
  10. A trustee knows the funding sources of the library and is familiar with the library budget.
  11. A trustee knows the needs of their public library and of their community.
  12. A trustee knows that all powers are always vested in the "library board" as a whole and none at all in the individual board members.

Source: The Voice for America's Libraries. Philadelphia, PA: Association of Library Trustees, Advocated, Friends and Foundations, [2009]-. v.16:no.1 (2015:Jan./Feb.).

If you are thinking of encouraging community members to start a local community "Friends of the Library," may I encourage you to first join the national organization, United for Libraries. The member monthly newsletter contains a wealth of information and ideas and there are discounts for books and other resources. The State Library strongly encourages all South Dakota public libraries serious about the future health of your local library to consider forming a community Friends group and/or a Foundation. Both should be registered as 501(c)(3) to attract serious donors. Less than one-third of our SD public libraries have affiliate Friends or Foundations organized to specifically help them with financial goals. Call us and we can give you a list of these progressive communities. Both the local librarians and the State Library staff can give you many good reasons to form these nonprofit organizations and hear some of their amazing success stories!

Contact information: or email them at or Call: 1-800-545-2433, ext. 2161.





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