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February 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2

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Take Your Child to the Library Day
Feb. 2

Digital Learning Day
Feb. 4

World Cancer Day
Feb. 4

Take Your Child to the Library Day
Feb. 7

Clean out your Computer Day
Feb. 9

Valentine's Day
Feb. 14

President's Day
Feb. 16

Random Acts of Kindness Day
Feb. 17

Read Across America
Mar. 2

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Mar. 3

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Oscar Howe Night Summary

Oscar Howe Family Night at Prairie West Branch Library

Emily Blackwelder, Oscar Howe Elementary School Cybrarian, and Krystal Pederson, Prairie West Branch Librarian hosted Oscar Howe Family night at Prairie West Branch Library on Dec. 3, 2014. Attendees were invited to sign up for library cards, made scrapbook pages and spent time browsing the library's collection. Cider and cookies were provided, and local author Tom Roberts entertained while reading his book "Return to the Farm" and sharing other whimsical original tales. It was open to Oscar Howe Elementary families and students, and over 425 individuals joined us for the evening!

Crowd at Prairie West Branch Library

Blackwelder approached Pederson with the desire to host a private family night for her students and their families after discovering that many of her students were unaware of the new library in their neighborhood. Since promoting family literacy is a strong value of Pederson's and of Siouxland Libraries' Director Mary Johns, this was an easy "Yes!" One of Blackwelder's students, Zach Brummond, provided some of the illustrations for Roberts' book, and Blackwelder wanted to celebrate this young illustrator's success at this event. The event that developed surpassed their visions, and the attendees helped create an unforgettable evening of families making memories together.

Kids project at Prairie West Branch Library

"Return to the Farm" is written in scrapbook style, including some of Roberts' personal photos, ephemera, additional photos taken by illustrator Jim Brummond, and illustrations drawn by Brummond's son Zach. Inspired by the scrapbook style of Roberts' book, student attendees were invited to bring a meaningful photograph, object or other item. At the event, students took their items and used large pieces of paper to create personalized pages using markers, newspaper clippings, scrapbook paper and other art supplies. The pages had subjects ranging from favorite hobbies, adopted family members, sports teams, and more! When their pages were complete, Oscar Howe volunteers took a snapshot of the page in a photo booth. Completed pages were hung up on the library walls while attendees browsed the library collection and got reading recommendations for Prairie West staff. The photos of completed pages were shown in a slideshow while attendees enjoyed refreshments. Completed pages were then used to compile a Shutterfly photobook that is available to borrow from the Oscar Howe Elementary Library.

The event concluded with door prizes of copies of "Return to the Farm", as well as "The Usborne Write Your Own Story Book". Student attendees received book bags reminding them to "Return to Prairie West," and parents and children loved getting a special invitation to meet and hear Roberts, sharing in Zach Brummond's success, and discovering the new public library in their neighborhood. It was an evening that truly celebrated reading, making memories together and family fun.


South Dakota Public Library Data Digest2014 Data Digests are here!

The new Data Digests are available online at The information in these publications comes from data collected in the 2013 Public Libraries Survey and the 2013-2014 School Libraries Survey.

The 2014 Public Libraries Data Digest features statistics on the value of our libraries. Did you know that for every $1 of revenue local governments invested in South Dakota public libraries residents received an average value of $4.73 in services? Did you know that 27% of our libraries' collections (e-books, audiobooks, reference materials, magazine and journal articles) are accessible from home?

South Dakota School Library Data DigestThe School Libraries Data Digest has a new format. One side of the digest is a poster with statistics about library programs and resources that are a hallmark of 21st century libraries. School librarians, look for your posters in the mail. Is yours a 21st century school library? Hang this poster and start the discussion.

Find more South Dakota public and school library statistics on the SDSL website, 2014 Data Digest Extras or scan the QR code on the printed digests.


Accreditation ceremony recognizes public libraries

Twelve South Dakota public libraries were recognized during a ceremony before lawmakers, peers and local community members in the Capitol Rotunda on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015. Each year the South Dakota State Library accredits public libraries who voluntarily submit their application for review.

Library Accreditation Ceremony in the SD Capitol Rotunda

Public libraries are accredited at one of three levels: Essential, Enhanced, or Exemplary. Accreditation at the Essential level means a library satisfactorily provides the basic services required by state law and meets basic federal guidelines. Each subsequent level of accreditation builds on the previous level with additional indicators that libraries must meet. Exemplary is the highest level of service.

Libraries are evaluated in the following areas as outlined in South Dakota Public Library standards: governance, administration, access, collections and resources, funding, staffing, technology, and public relations. The three levels of accreditation are based on the number of indicators achieved in each of the standards.

Congratulations to the following South Dakota public libraries that were accredited in 2015 by the South Dakota State Library:

  • Beresford Public Library - Enhanced
  • Canton Public Library - Enhanced
  • Cozard Memorial Library, Chamberlain - Essential
  • Custer County Library - Exemplary
  • Gregory Public Library - Exemplary
  • Hot Springs Public Library - Exemplary
  • Phoebe Apperson Hearst Library, Lead - Essential
  • Rawlins Municipal Library, Pierre - Enhanced
  • Piedmont Valley Library - Essential
  • Tripp County Library, Winner - Enhanced
  • Wall Community Library - Essential
  • Yankton Community Library - Exemplary

Detailed requirements for each level of tiered accreditation, as well as a complete list of accredited libraries, are available on the South Dakota State Library's webpage at

Accredited Libraries
Front row (left to right): State Librarian Daria Bossman; Jane Abernathy, Piedmont Valley Library; Doris Ann Mertz, Custer County Library; Cindy Messenger, Hot Springs Public Library; Freya Simpson, Tripp County Library (Winner)
Back row (left to right): Kathy Wibbels, Yankton Community Library; Edith Nelson, Canton Public Library; Jane Norling, Beresford Public Library; Wendy Brunnemann, Wall Community Library; Robin Schrupp, Rawlins Municipal Library (Pierre)





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