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February 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2

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Jolley Elementary: one team, one dream

Girls reading at Jolley Elementary School

Using Read! SD's 20 - 24/7 pledge, Jolley Elementary in Vermillion has developed a school-wide model to motivate students to read. With the support of the men's and women's basketball teams at the University of South Dakota, the students of Jolley Elementary have pledged to read one million minutes outside of the classroom during this school year. They call this goal "One Team, One Dream." "Where this all took up is the State of South Dakota challenged each kid to read 20 minutes and what we did was create a motivational model with the partnership with the basketball teams to motivate the kids to read more." explains Sue Galvin, Principal.

Read! SD is the Department of Education's initiative to support year-round reading and encourage growth in reading achievement. By reading 20 minutes a day every day, a student can maintain and continue to grow his or her reading skills. Students who read at least 20 minutes a day often see higher achievement on reading assessments. The students at Jolley are expecting to reach their goal of reading one million minutes by April 1, right before the Smarter Balanced annual reading assessment.

USD athletes visit Jolley Elementary School

Each week, the USD athletes visit the classrooms to encourage the students' reading and collect the sheets that document how many minutes they have read outside of the school day. The USD athletes and Miss Read-a, the One Team, One Dream mascot, lead pep rallies to recognize milestones the students have met in reaching the overall goal. Students have also received complimentary tickets to Coyotes games. Galvin shares, "The partnership is really critical and the fun part is the athletic department has come on full board. They send athletes over every Thursday and coach kids to read. The kids know they are being held accountable."

"When we walked out of that first classroom I can't tell who is more excited, my team or the second graders we were in there with," said Amy Williams, coach of the USD Women's Basketball team. "They are excited to see all these young people in our community and those who kind of look up to our girls. It's a special feeling to be in that position and to be able to experience that."

Marta Stirling with Miss Read

The culture at Jolley Elementary has been enhanced as the students, teachers, athletes and parents have all engaged in One Team, One Dream. By measuring success based on the number of minutes a student has read, students of any reading ability can be leaders and role models for their fellow classmates. Each student is encouraged to read and their contribution to the overall goal is celebrated. This is much different than programs that measure success with a comprehension test or the number of pages a student reads which can be discouraging or intimidating to reluctant and struggling readers. Coach Williams shares, "As a mother of one of the students here, to see how (my daughter) Kennadi is reading every night and wanting to write down her minutes and watching the clock so she can log her minutes, you can see both sides of it as a rewarding experience for our team and our players. To be able to watch it from the side of the players and as a parent is a pretty good experience."

With the pressure of performance out of the way, students are continuing to develop their love of reading. Galvin explains that the length of time spent reading is great, but what makes the experience better is seeing the student getting a true grasp of what is read. The students get asked if there is something new they learned or new words they learned from what they read by the school staff, parents, and athletes. Galvin said. "We are instilling that and how it connects to their real life. The students love talking about what they read each week."

USD women's basketball team visit Jolley Elementary School

Before the holiday break, Coach Williams and the entire Coyotes women's basketball team visited the students as they were gearing up for their game that evening. It appears the visit also geared the students up for reading while they were away from the classroom. 225 students returned reading sheets and read a total of 158,780 minutes over the holiday break. Since starting One Team, One Dream they students have read 525,508 minutes.

Visit to learn more about year round reading and access resources for developing your own school-wide effort. If you would like to learn more about One Team, One Dream and how you can start a similar program in your school, contact Sue Galvin, email.

Source: One School in a Million by Alan Dale of The Plain Talk; posted Friday, Dec. 26, 2014.


Interested in knowing more about grants?

Are you interested in knowing more about grants? The first step is to build some background knowledge about the basics. Next, look within your school, your district and around your community for potential partners. Collaboration on specific events and projects is often the most successful path.

To get started you may want to join the free GetEDFunding community online at Live and archived webinars are available that will also connect you with others across the country via online discussions. Their next webinar entitled "Writing a Winning Grant Application" takes place on Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. CT. Attendees may also earn one hour of CE credit for each webinar attended.

WebJunction is a professional library development community that is available to you for free through the generous support of OCLC, the Gates Foundation and the South Dakota State Library. Go to and search the word grants. Many of these presentations have a public library focus but you will find basic information that will be helpful to school libraries too. Plus, you may discover an opportunity to collaborate with your local public library on a grant project.

Each issue of the State Library's e-newsletter, the Cornerstone, contains a list of grants for libraries with a brief description, deadline and contact information. You may also search the State Library catalog for professional print titles about grant writing that can be requested through interlibrary loan. Feel free to contact our two grant experts, Kathleen Slocum ( and Brenda Hemmelman ( who can help you with further resources at the State Library.





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