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February 2015, Volume 7, Issue 2

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Check Your Calendars!!

Take Your Child to the Library Day
Feb. 2

Digital Learning Day
Feb. 4

World Cancer Day
Feb. 4

Take Your Child to the Library Day
Feb. 7

Clean out your Computer Day
Feb. 9

Valentine's Day
Feb. 14

President's Day
Feb. 16

Random Acts of Kindness Day
Feb. 17

Read Across America
Mar. 2

World Wildlife Day
Mar. 3

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Why Didn't I think of That?


A sign encourages reading

Tea Intermediate Library sign for librarian's current book she's reading

Melissa Godber, librarian at Tea Intermediate School, keeps a sign on her desk so that students can see what she's reading. She laminated the sign so that when she has started a new book, she can erase the old title and write the title of the new one. Like most librarians and readers, she's always ready and willing to talk about books! Even though this is at a school, this idea would work in any type of library.


Whitewood Public Library cooks up Waffle Wednesday

Children being served waffles at the library

Oh it smells good! Children line up to get one of 'Oma's' waffles with peanut butter on it. While the children eat, library director Rea Weyrich talks about new books at the library. This is a great afterschool snack that gives kids that little boost until dinner time. "The peanut butter helps them stay quiet," she says with a smile. Every Wednesday is set aside for waffles from 3-4 p.m., even in the summer. This hour also catches the "big kids" who get off the bus from Sturgis and Spearfish schools. This creates a captive audience whether they are in line or at a table eating; the discussion varies from talking about new books on the shelf and what they are reading in school, to spinning the globes and then telling everyone where they have landed. Oma, Jutta Skaggs, is a volunteer with the Foster Grandparent Program who comes in during the afterschool hours and summer reading program times.


Fast Facts about your library

screen shot of faith library's fast facts page

Angela Ostrander, director of Faith Public/School Library, keeps a "Fast Facts" page on her library's wiki. The page displays library statistics such as how many items are checked out and how many people visit the library daily. This is a great way to share library usage and to show the value of the library to your community.





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