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January 2015, Volume 7, Issue 1

Continuing Education Alert

Check Your Calendars!!

New Year's Day

Copyright Law Day
Jan. 1

Science Fiction Day
Jan. 2

World Braille Day
Jan. 4

Poetry at Work Day
Jan. 13

Kid Inventors Day
Jan. 17

Thesaurus Day
Jan. 18

Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 19

SDLA Legislative Day
Jan. 22

Handwriting Day
Jan. 23

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Jan. 27

Puzzle Day
Jan. 29

Tackling Textbook Costs Through Open Educational Resources: A Primer
Jan. 29-30, Chicago

ALA Midwinter Meeting
Jan. 30- Feb. 3, Chicago

Take Your Child to the Library Day
Feb. 2

Digital Learning Day
Mar. 13

Featured e-Resources of the Month
Save patrons time – add the State Library's subscription e-resources links to your school or library website

Featured e-Resource of the Month


Save patrons time — add State Library subscription e-resources links to your school or library website

Linking directly to the most frequently used e-resources, saves patrons time. The State Library subscription e-resources have special URLs that allow direct access inside schools and barcode/password access at home.

The page with all the links is available here:

Copy and paste the "authenticated URL" and place it on your website.


screenshot of chilton library browser options

  • Go to the list of online resources
  • Find the resource you want (ChiltonLibrary, for example)
  • Right click over "ChiltonLibrary" and then scroll down to select "Copy shortcut" or "Copy Link address" (depending on how the browser comes up)
  • Then paste that shortcut onto your website list of URLs.


Public library opportunity — Freegal Music and Freading eBooks

The South Dakota State Library is pleased to announce its coordination of two affordable self-funded programs for purchase by South Dakota public libraries: Freegal, a downloadable and streaming music program and Freading, a downloadable eBook program have an initial sign-up period that ends Feb. 28, 2015.

freegal music logo

Freegal Music (downloadable and streaming) provides participating public library patrons the ability to access a current, popular downloadable and streaming music collection. New content is added daily. New releases are added the day they are released by the publisher. Participating public library patrons would have access to over 7 million songs from 28,000 labels, including Sony's music catalog. Each participating public library patron would have 3 music downloads per week and three hours of streaming music per day. Patrons retain access to their downloaded content indefinitely.

freading ebooks logo

Freading eBooks provides participating public library patrons an additional downloadable eBooks platform. Participating public library patrons have access to the entire Freading catalog from over 1000 publishers with over 50,000 eBooks. New content is added regularly. EBooks have unlimited simultaneous access—no holds! Each patron would have 6 tokens per week. Each book is worth 1, 2 or 4 tokens, depending on the value assigned by the publisher. The "value" is usually determined by published date; over time, the token value for a book will drop. Ebooks can be borrowed for two weeks; renewals are often free or for fewer tokens than the original download. Ebooks return automatically at the end of the borrowing period.

For details see





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