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June/July 2015, Volume 7, Issue 6

Continuing Education Alert

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Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

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Public Library Institute 2015

Library Institute Graduates in front of Beadle Hall at DSU.  Top to bottom, left to right: Edith Hooper, Ashley Cortney, Nina Loper, Doris Ann Mertz, Cynthia Girard, Melissa Hutmacher, State Librarian Daria Bossman and CE Coordinator Kathleen Slocum

State Librarian Daria Bossman awarded Certificates of Public Library Management to six graduates of the Library Training Institute on June 5 at Dakota State University campus in Madison. Graduates included Ashley Cortney, Edgemont Public Library; Cynthia Girard, Hill City Public Library; Edith Hooper, Hot Springs Elementary; Melissa Hutmacher, Cozard Memorial Library, Chamberlain; Nina Loper, Bison Public Library, and Doris Ann Mertz, Custer County Library

Institute 2015 attendees

Thirty students from across the state attended Institute this year. This year's theme of library administration included budget and strategic planning, policies and procedures, SD Codified Law and much more. Coordinated by the State Library, Institute is a four-year program of continuing education for library practitioners, support staff, and trustees of small to medium-sized public libraries who do not have a library degree. Students attend in-person classes for one-week in June. Additional classes are taken online over the course of the year. After four years, students receive their Public Library Management certificate.

State Library Continuing Education Coordinator Kathleen Slocum has hosted and directed the program for the last six years. She commented, "This year's theme simultaneously challenged and lit a spark within our librarians. It was good, solid information that they can use daily and will share with their staff and boards. Their new knowledge will benefit their communities greatly."


LEGO Guy visits 22 South Dakota libraries for summer reading

The LEGO Guy visits South Dakota libraries

Curtis Mork, aka "The LEGO Guy," visited a total of 22 South Dakota libraries to share his LEGO stories and creations during summer reading programs. Mork was at the Rawlins Municipal Library in Pierre on June 5 for two sessions. The morning session with the younger kids had about 120 in attendance, while the fourth through eighth grade afternoon session attracted around 50.

Curtis Mork talks to kids about LEGO
Mork taught his audience about LEGO history, showing off several of his own creations that he has built over the years. In keeping with the summer reading program slogan, "Every Hero Has a Story," after his presentation Mork let the kids loose to build their own creations with the challenge of creating a trap to capture a bad (or good) guy.

Research shows playing with Legos can help develop and enhance 10 life skills. These include concentration, self-confidence, communication, creative problem-solving, perseverance, designing, planning, organizing, teamwork and independent thinking.


Library Depositories provide expanded services

Did you know that many of the public, community and school libraries in South Dakota have deposit collections of machines and digital books on loan from the Braille & Talking Book Library Program (B&TBL)? Well, 75 of them do! Every library in South Dakota is qualified to become a depository library. Libraries are encouraged to provide this extra service for their visually impaired/physically handicapped citizens that are registered borrowers of the B&TBL and to encourage citizens who may qualify to "test drive" these services using the loaned materials.

Talking Book player and cartridgeIf a B&TBL patron has a talking book machine that isn't working properly, he or she can check out a replacement at your library if your library is a depository. The borrowed machine will have to be returned to the local library once the patron receives a replacement machine unless other arrangements have been made with Marcia at the B&TBL.

Do your patrons sometimes panic when the weekend is drawing near and they don't have enough books on hand to keep them occupied until the Post Office brings more books the next week? There is a solution. Registered B&TBL patrons can give the local library a call or drop in and borrow some of the talking books the library has on hand. The books do not need to be returned to the local library when the patron is finished with them. The patron can simply turn the mail card over and put them in the mail like they do with other books borrowed directly from the B&TBL. When the B&TBL receives the books back, new books will be sent to the depository library so that there will always be a fresh supply. Remember to count the books checked out in your circulation count. You can also count assisting patrons with downloading digital books from BARD as a circulation.

If you have questions, please contact Marcia at 1-800-423-6665.

Happy Reading!
Marcia Kaup, Reader Advisor


Free Online Book Club

Does your library have patrons who love discussing classic books? If so, the free online Literary Classics Online Book Club might be for them. As an added bonus, your patrons can register your library to win a classics audio book collection valued at $1000. If your library subscribes to OneClickdigital, every title that is featured in this book club is included in the subscription and you have access to free printable promotional materials. Great Expectations is the book currently being discussed. Stop by OneClickdigital for more information 1-877-828-2833. Join the discussion on their blog.





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