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June/July 2015, Volume 7, Issue 6

Continuing Education Alert

Check Your Calendars!!

Independence Day
July 4

Paperback Book Day
July 30

National Inventor's Month

National Back to School Month

Women's History Month

Bad Poetry Day
August 18

Senior Citizen's Day
August 21

Women's Equality Day
August 26

Featured e-Resources of the Month
Foster adult literacy with State Library e-resources



Foster adult literacy with State Library e-resources

When adult patrons at your library need to improve their English language literacy skills, introduce them to these State Library electronic resources:

Learning Express Library
Learning Express Library's Adult Learning Center offers practice tests, tutorials and e-books to improve reading, writing, grammar, speaking and math skills. It offers the U.S. Citizenship practice test in English and Spanish. The High School Equivalency Center contains practice in the GED, and the Career Center contains practice in the ASVAB, Work Keys and other occupation licensing and certification tests.

To use Learning Express Library, each user must create an account. Then users select the test or course they want and begin. Results are immediate and confidential. Tests can also be taken multiple times.

World Book Discover
World Book Discover is aimed at persons who have difficulty reading English. Short articles with read aloud and translation capability, plenty of visuals and other special features, including a Life Skills section, make Discover a good choice for English language learners.

Mango Languages
Mango Languages contains language learning courses in more than 60 languages. It also includes an ELL section to help speakers of 18 languages learn English. Users can create an account to track their progress as they learn.

These and other e-resources are available from the Online Resources tab on the State Library website. They are directly available within the library and on school and academic campuses and available away from the library with barcode and password. Contact Jane Healy Library Electronic Services Coordinator, for more information.


Learning Express Library propels student to success

Sam Mertz prepared with Learning Express Library for his ACT
When Sam Mertz took the ACT test in December 2013, he realized that his score of 25 was not as competitive as he would have liked. His goal was to become a Naval or Air Force Officer, and his opportunities to attend a Service Academy or receive an ROTC scholarship were not favorable without a higher score. Sam registered to retake the ACT in September 2014.

Enter Learning Express Library, available to Sam at Custer County Library. This e-resource, provided by the State Library at no cost to SD libraries, schools and citizens, offers practice tests, tutorials and e-books focused on academic and career success, including a robust section on ACT tests.

Sam worked through the ACT tutorial and completed practice tests in English and Math. He was able to raise his ACT composite score by five points to a 30. His English score rose by 7 points, from a 28 to a 35.

That score increase allowed Sam to apply for scholarships previously out of reach, and allowed him to apply for the Air Force and Naval Academies. He was offered the two scholarships he applied for and received nominations from congresspersons for admission to both academies. In March 2015, Sam got the call he hoped for when Senator Thune's office congratulated him on his appointment to the Naval Academy.

The road to Sam's chosen career began by preparing in Learning Express Library.





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