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March 2015, Volume 7, Issue 3

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Read Across America
Mar. 2

World Wildlife Day
Mar. 3

Digging Deeper into Primary Sources
Mar. 6

Daylight Savings Time begins
Mar. 8

Teen Tech Week
Mar. 8-14

Digital Learning Day
Mar. 13

Freedom of Information Day
Mar. 16

D.E.A.R - Drop Everything and Read
Apr. 2015

School Library Month
Apr. 2015

National Library Week
Apr. 12-18

National Library Workers Day
Apr. 14

National Bookmobile Day
Apr. 15

Celebrate Teen Literature Day
Apr. 16

Money Smart Week®
Apr. 18-25

Featured e-Resources of the Month
Heritage Quest and World Book offer new look and functionality

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Library Book Bingo promotes winter reading

Library Book Bingo

Hazel L. Meyer Memorial Library in DeSmet promotes adult library visits and book check-outs during the winter by offering Library Book Bingo. Librarian Mary Purintun said that she developed the program from several ideas she'd seen. The incentive to win a Kindle has participants reading and getting their cards stamped between January 12 and April 15. The rules are simple:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older and pick up a bingo card.
  • They must read a book from the library whose author's name or a word in the title, begin with the letter in the square.
  • To qualify, books must be checked out from the library in DeSmet.
  • Participants get their card stamped for each book read, only one stamp per book, during the time period and turn their cards in on April 15.
  • Free choice squares can be used to acquire any letter of the alphabet but must begin with the author's name or a word in the title of the library book read.
  • The drawing for the Kindle will take place during National Library Week, April 12-18, 2015.

Purintun said they have offered Library Book Bingo for a few years. It does get people into the library and reading, and some of them continue throughout the year.


Douglas students test new devices using online resources

Students in Douglas Middle School test driving new devices

Douglas Middle School recently started exploring one-to-one devices and teachers were able to check out the different devices to "test drive" them. Douglas Middle School Librarian, Melissa Hubbell also thought it would be beneficial for the students to try the devices in the library. She devised a "Speed Dating" lesson, where students could pick any of the South Dakota State Library databases to explore and evaluate. The students seemed to gravitate towards the Chrome Book 14 in. touchscreen for two reasons: it is lightweight and it has a touch screen. The students also liked the HP 81-G2 Tablet and the HP X2-612 Tablet/Laptop combo as both are versatile due to the tablet option on the HP X2-612 and the swivel screen on the HP 81-G2 Tablet.

Student in Douglas Middle School test driving new devices

Among the different choices listed on the South Dakota State Library databases list, the three favorite resources were Mango Languages and CAMIO, and the subscription electronic resources provided by the State Library and Black Hills Knowledge Network, a freely available online information resource. The students liked the information pertaining to their local areas found in the Black Hills Knowledge Network. They also liked reading about the art history and the detailed pictures from the CAMIO database. Lastly, they enjoyed the Mango Languages database because it is new, diverse and allowed them to learn the language of Pirate.

Students in Douglas Middle School test driving new devices

The school plans to continue to study one-to-one device options and make final decisions for possible implementation in the fall of 2015.


Harvey Dunn Elementary is unique in voting for Prairie Pasque and Prairie Bud books

Harvey Dunn Elementary voting for Prairie Bud/ Prairie Pasque books

Students of Harvey Dunn Elementary in Sioux Falls are placing their votes for their favorite Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque books.

Each book is displayed on a table in the library and accompanied by a plastic cup and popsicle sticks. Students place a stick in a cup next to the book for which they would like to vote.

Since the Prairie Pasque books are ranked on the ballots, the students in grades 3-5 also place their votes online by giving the books they read 1, 2 or 3 stars. Amy Heinert, the school librarian is submitting the votes for the Prairie Bud on behalf of the students in grades K-2.





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