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May 2015, Volume 7, Issue 4

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Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
May, 2015

Jewish American Heritage Month
May, 2015

National Inventors Month
May, 2015

Mental Health Awareness Month
May, 2015

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May, 2015

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May 1

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May 1-7

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May 4-5

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May 4-10

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May 5

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May 5

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May 10

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May 11-15

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May 25

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June 14

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June 21

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June 25-30

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Prairie Bud and Pasque winners: making real-world connections

Sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association, South Dakota Children's Book Awards encourage students in grades K-5 to develop a love of read while growing comprehension skills. The Prairie Bud Award is designed for students in grades Kindergarten through second grade, while the Prairie Pasque Award is for third, fourth and fifth-graders.

Each year during National Library Week, the Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque award winners are announced. This year, 16,728 children from 43 communities voted for any book they read or had read to them from the nominations designated for their grade. The results are in, and Erin Cabatingan's book "A is for Musk Ox" is the 2015 Prairie Bud Award recipient. "Wonder," by R.J. Palacio has won the 2015 Prairie Pasque Award.

The comprehension skills which students gain while reading the nominated titles is not where the learning ends. Libraries and classrooms across the state also share the award results with students by comparing their votes with votes overall. Sharing the winners along with the final voting results makes real-world connections to classroom content, especially in math and the language arts.

Voting data is available to help develop real-world activities in your classroom. Information on the Prairie Bud (PDF) and Prairie Pasque (PDF) data sheets includes:

  • Three categories of ballots received: all ballots, student ballots and ballots cast by adults on behalf of students.
  • The student ballot section also includes subcategories of votes cast by each grade.
  • The overall number of votes received as well as totals for each title on the nomination list.
  • The percent of votes each title and category received.

Using the voting results for activities in your library and classroom is a great way for students to use higher-order thinking skills like synthesis, analysis, interpretation and inference. Having students generate their own data sets of the voting results is a real-world activity that includes both math and the reading. Here are a few ideas to consider for such a project:

  • Making Comparisons: Students can compare information they think is important and interesting like their votes compared to the rest of the state. Calculating ratios and percentages, students can also analyze the similarities and differences of student and adult ballots to each other or the overall ballot results.
  • Public Speaking: Taking it one step further, students use their listening and speaking skills when they present this information to their fellow classmates along with pie charts, bar graphs and other visuals.
  • From School to Home: When students prepare to share their presentation with their parents and family those important classroom and home connections are made, too.

To start preparing for book awards voting for next year, you can access the lists of the 2015-2016 Prairie Bud and Prairie Pasque nominees, as well as voting details and an archive of previous award winners, on the State Library website.





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