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May 2015, Volume 7, Issue 4

Continuing Education Alert

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Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
May, 2015

Jewish American Heritage Month
May, 2015

National Inventors Month
May, 2015

Mental Health Awareness Month
May, 2015

National Bike Month
May, 2015

May Day
May 1

Choose Privacy Week
May 1-7

National Library Legislative Day
May 4-5

Children's Book Week
May 4-10

Cinco de Mayo
May 5

National Teacher Day
May 5

Mother's Day
May 10

National Bike to Work Week
May 11-15

Memorial Day
May 25

Flag Day
June 14

Father's Day
June 21

ALA Annual Conference: San Francisco
June 25-30

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Promoting books through digital posters

By Pam Kringel, T.F. Riggs High School, Pierre

poster of new book arrivals in library

This year, in an effort to reach very busy and technologically oriented high school students, I created mini subject posters showcasing a sampling of books on the topic available to them through the library. The posters were created using the web application Postermywall, and book jacket images available through our school's card catalog. After creating the posters, I sent them in an email to all T.F. Riggs High School students and staff, as well as to our local access cable television station. The results have been promising with several students coming by the library to check out the showcased titles. I have also been thrilled that this activity has reminded students about the library in general with several sending me emails in response asking about books other than the showcased ones. So if you are looking for a fun easy way to showcase some new/favorite titles or if you want a way to remind your busy students that you are here, check out what you can create with Postermywall.

poster of books featuring nature in library


Spanish students entertain at story time

By Brenda DeHaan, Wagner Community School

spanish students performing

spanish student reading aloudIn honor of Read Across America Day, some of Wagner Community School's Spanish students shared their talents with first graders at library story time. To start the event, the Spanish students performed in Spanish "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "Quiero a mi mamá porque ..." ("I Love My Mommy Because...") by Laurel Porter-Gaylord and "Ana cultiva manzanas" ("Apple Farmer Annie") by Monica Wellington. The high school students also read various children's books in Spanish to first graders in small groups.

Spanish students with first graders

"Many of the high school students were excited when they found out they would be presenting to elementary students" said Megan Fischer, Spanish teacher. "In class, we read through "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein in Spanish together; however, all students chose their own stories to share with the elementary. Many of the high school students were surprised at how much the younger students picked up on, even though they hadn't had Spanish before. Sharing culture, language and different perspectives, I hope both groups will continue all of these beyond Read Across America and the classroom setting."


Our MakerSpace journey

By Kristi Jones and Travis Lape, Harrisburg South Middle School

Our MakerSpace journey at Harrisburg South Middle School started last spring with the partnership between Tech Integrationist, Travis Lape, and Library Media Specialist, Kristi Jones. We began by scheduling several Google Hangouts with Laura Fleming, a Media Specialist from New Milford High School in New Milford, New Jersey, who has successfully created and maintained her own MakerSpace for her high school students for the past few years. Throughout our planning sessions, it was obvious that the library at HSMS was the best spot for this venture.

maker space project in Harrisburg

We started with a small budget of around $500 and looked for simple items that we could use to engage students. We created teaser videos in our Green Room, which showed our students what this space was all about. All of this was done with both the tech integrationist and media specialist working closely together, bouncing ideas off of each other and offering suggestions for the space and the students. Without a mutual respect for the project and a desire to see it succeed, the space would not have survived.

maker space project in HarrisburgOur MakerSpace includes some unique creation activities for our students with some of them being our Bubblegum Creation Station, Makey-Makey Kits, Snap Circuits, Sphero Robotics, Marker Bot Creation, and Take-Apart Technology, as well as many other stations that engage our students in collaboration, research, and creativity. Students are allowed to come into the MakerSpace before or after school and during their study hall if all their work is complete. We have stations that consist of high tech and a few that use no tech at all. It truly has grown organically by listening and watching our students work in the environment.

Not only do we have students coming into our space on their own, but classroom teachers are scheduling times in our Green Room for students to create videos for different classroom projects. They also are scheduling classroom time in the MakerSpace to give the students hands-on opportunities in building and creating different projects that pertain to their grade level content standards.

maker space project in Harrisburg

Overall this space has turned the traditional library model upside down. Our library has so much more going on than just checking out books. Our students are in the library collaborating, brainstorming, and reflecting on what they have built or designed.

maker space computer project in HarrisburgThe MakerSpace has not only been rewarding for our students, but we as teachers have grown and are continuing to learn right alongside them. We now share office space in the library to enhance our collaboration. The sky is the limit when we are able to engage students in projects that challenge their thinking and creativity. We are excited to learn more and add more to our space as time goes on.





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