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November/December 2015, Volume 7, Issue 10

Continuing Education Alert

Check Your Calendars!!

American Diabetes Month

American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month

Military Family Appreciation Month

National Novel Writing Month

National Scholarship Month

Picture Book Month

SD Birthday: Dr. Anita Marie Caspary
Nov 4, 1915; born in Herrick, SD; wrote 2003 memoir "Witness to Integrity" and collection of poems "From The Heart"

SD Birthday: Mary Ann Clark Longley Riggs
Nov 10, 1813; Teacher, Missionary in Dakota Territory and Author of "A Small Bit of Bread and Butter" (posthumously)

SD Birthday: Russell Means
Nov 10, 1939; born in Shannon, SD; activist, actor, writer

Veterans Day
November 11

National Young Readers Week
November 9-13

National Philanthropy Day
November 12

Lita Forum
November 12-15; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Random Acts of Kindness Day
November 13

America Recycles Day
November 15

Geography Awareness Week
November 15-21

American Education Week
November 16-20
•17: Parents Day
•18: Education Support Professionals Day
•17: Substitute Educators Day

Digging Deeper into Primary Sources 2
November 20

International Games Day
November 21

Thanksgiving Day
November 26

SD Birthday: Dan O'Brien
Nov 23, 1947; Rancher, conservationist and author of "Spirit of the Hills"

Native American Heritage Day
November 27

SD Birthday: Kathy Lou Schultz
Nov 30, 1966; From Burke, SD; award winning poet; works include "Re dress", "Some Vague Wife", and "Biting Midge: Works in Prose"

SD Birthday: Frank Joslyn Baum
Dec. 3, 1883; lived in Aberdeen, SD; son of L. Frank Baum; author of “To Please a Child”

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
December 3

National Cookie Day
December 4, 2015

SD Birthday: Rose Wilder Lane
Dec. 5, 1886; born in DeSmet, SD; famed journalist, author of "Let the Hurricane Roar" and "Free Land"

International Volunteer Day
December 5

Day of the Ninja
December 5

Women's Leadership Institute
December 6-9

December 6-14

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
December 7

International Human Rights Day
December 10

National Poinsetta Day
December 12

SD Birthday: Helen Rezatto
Dec. 13, 1919; lived in Aberdeen; author of "The Making of the Two Dakotas" and "Tales of the Black Hills"

Bill of Rights Day
December 15

Wright Brothers Day
December 17

SD Birthday: Harry Neal Baum
Dec. 18, 1889; born in Aberdeen, SD; wrote history books for children

International Human Solidarity Day
December 20

Christmas Eve
December 24

December 25

December 26-January 1

New Years Eve
December 31

Brainteaser Month

Creativity Month

Get Organized Month

New Years Day
January 1

ALA Midwinter Meeting
January 8-12, Boston MA

ALA Youth Media Awards
January 11

SD Legislative Day: Libraries
January 22

Featured e-Resources of the Month
E-resources provide holiday fun and information

library outreach


Where did the money go? Operating expenditures from FY 2014 Public Libraries Survey

Total reported operating expenditures in South Dakota libraries was $24.3 million in 2014. Public libraries spent an average of $32 per resident on library operations. National figures for FY 2014 will not be released for some time, however, to give perspective, in FY 2012 national per capita operating expenditures were $35.47*. That was 17% above South Dakota's per capita expenditures.

The Public Libraries Survey breaks down expenditures into three categories. Staff expenditures include salaries and benefits to all library employees. Collection expenditures encompass all purchases and subscription fees for physical and digital library materials. Anything not covered by these two categories falls under Other operating expenses. Some of the items in this category include expenses for supplies, repair & replacement of library furnishings and equipment, costs associated with the library’s automation system, computer hardware and software, and Internet expenses. Here is a breakdown of operating expenditures for FY2014:

Operating Expenditures ofr FY2014

Collection expenses are typically the smallest portion of total library operating expenditures. Last year SD public libraries spent an average of $4.26 per resident for new library materials. The range of collection expenditures per capita in South Dakota libraries ran from approximately 10¢ to $21.00! For perspective, the FY 2012 national average was $4.03.

How does your library compare to the statewide average? You can look up these statistics for your individual library under the "Public Libraries Statistics" heading on the State Library's Statistics webpage.

*Download the Public Libraries in the United States Survey: Fiscal Year 2012 [PDF].





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